Grenade goes off in Mr Mittys hand.


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I've just heard on BFBS news that re-enactor has been hurt over the weekend when a grenade went off in his hand in Evesham. There is an article in the Evesham Bugle that has a slightly different spin but whatever.

No doubt the 'elf and safety Nazis will call for the banning of every thing that might possibly interesting and fun.
The man, an ex-army officer known as ‘Jim’ and believed to be in his 60s, had to be airlifted to hospital with burns to his left hand, chest, abdomen and face after the chemical explosive went off when he returned to his vehicle.

Could it be ?? Has Baron Jimbo met his match ??
al-qaeda suicide walt!
Evesham Bugle

It was just after the re-enactment finished and, for about 20 seconds, everyone thought it was part of the show.
I wonder of he got a round of applause?

Seriously, hope the old boy is OK
Regional newspages are brilliant aren't they. The nationals will probably pick up on this sleeper (see the rabid_hamster's previous!) - it'll be denied of course, in the next 24 hours.

In the meantime couldn't help scanning the Evesham Journal's headlines. So, own up - Which member of ARRSE nicked the aircraft engine as a souvenir, after a night out on the lash?!

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