GreenZone Military Festival

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Tony_GreenZone, May 16, 2012.

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  1. GreenZone Military Festival.

    Guys check out the best new military Festival around, no tanks displays or recruiting trailers. Just a full weekend of awesome bands, comedians and more bars than Alcatraz. Full details @ GreenZone Festival | Military Festival or if your quick grab a freeby for Tickets for Troops, they are online now but going fast.

    Lets get on it!
  2. What is it?
  3. He's donating 10% to charity and pocketing the rest.
  4. Ah, I see. I did notice forcespenpals are involved, so it is no wonder.
  5. Hi Cabana, as you can probably tell Jarrod248 isn’t a great fan. The truth is I Foundered GreenZone festival after leaving the army last year. It’s an attempt to give the troops a decent event to meet up at and have fun. Forcespenpals involvement is merely an attempt to even out the male female ratio you usually get at military event. Jarrod is correct 10% is going to charity, quite why he believes that is a bad thing is beyond me. This is now my job and in order to make the festival a success and to hopefully grow it each year and to bring in bigger acts it does need to make money. if all the proceeds were to go to charity we would be back to square one again each year and it wouldnt get any better.

    It is set to be an awesome weekend, it is being held in Loughborough, Leicestershire over the weekend of June 29th.
  6. How many tickets have been sold so far, do I need to buy now to avoid disappointment ?
  7. There are still tickets available @ GreenZone Festival | Military Festival you just buy on the day but it is more expensive if you buy on the gate.
  8. The tag line is catchy but implies there will be less BBQ's than I would otherwise like.
  9. Haha same amount of BBQ`s just with a better view whilst your burning them.
  10. What's a Loughborough?
  11. Its being held in the grounds of Prestwold Hall, they have a massive estate with a disused airfield. Plus it the Midlands so fair traveling for all
  12. Its an australian bird like a Kukaburra
  13. How do you founder something?
  14. I'm not knocking it, you did launch it as a charity/fundraising event and then coughed to it being a 10% donation. I'm fine with that but it was how it was initially advertised.
  15. I agree in my initial ARRSE post last time i did mention the Charity aspect as a 'selling point', and i apologise if it it was seen as a charity event as it is not, we are just supporting those charities with a donation per year.

    Im gen not trying to con or decieve anybody, just trying to make a quality event rather than the shower of shit 'families days' i was forced to attend throughout my career.

    I obviously knew i was gonna get beasted on my posts but thats half the fun of ARRSE. But it is gonna be a quality festival and without making money i cant make it bigger and better for next year which is the aim.