Greeny Wanging

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I was on my SA(B)(90) course in 2000 and the QMSI had us playing a game he called 'greeny wanging'. This involved mincing up to a release point with a pair of fold up peltors in a 'gay wave' type grip (one hand on hip other in a 'i'm a little tea pot' stance) and then launching it overhand into a target made of slings arranged in a bullseye type stylee. Apparently the peltors were a replacement for a 'greeny' believed to be a practice mortar bomb or some such. I have never heard of it before or since but he had little score cards printed and everything. bags of fun as a concurrent range activity but obviously not very PC in these modern times.

Being the un-pc person i am i'd like more details.....anyone know it?

oh yeah, it cost a quid each to play and you got points for landing in a particular scoring ring (no rusty sheriffs star jokjes please) and bonus points for how well you minced. the winner got the kitty! damn he could mince though....he took some beating (in the non physical sense obviously)

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come on form an orderly queue. you can't all post at once!

hmm, i expected more response to my first post to be honest...

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