Greenwich pie eater faces strangly dressed person

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Nato Standard123, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Awww poor guy is big boned nowt else..... =)
  2. The HAC Light Cavalry’s musical ride and tent pegging demonstration.

    Jesus ******* christ.......
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  3. Scroll down.....the Boxing Club is ACE. Run by some of the finest Warrant Officers (now captains) the Irish Guards ever saw.
  4. Nothing wrong with the Micks, as REME attached I served with them (BGHQ/SP Sqn/Mortars/Milan/Close REcce) from 1984-86 and they were one of the best units I came across in more than 36 years. Never had so many job offers from both sides of the divide!
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  5. NATO you ******! Well done that man I say - especially as he seems to be fighting a Billliard table one handed - skills.

    On another note I think the HAC need more coverage, especially as they are london's "premier Regiment"; Why weren't we told?
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  6. Too busy touching up the Saracens U18 ladies 7's touch rugby team apparently.
  7. Sums them up.....

    I hear they're very good at polo too.

    Obviously not overstretched if they have time for all that.....