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Greenscreen Wizard

As I'm still very much a novice & learning are there any arrsers used this backdrop software with advice & tips,

I Also understand suppliers are limited ie FX Solutions


War Hero
Hi beemer.
I have used GSW for doing greenscreen stuff at mess functions, and as a back up for my primary event software that has a GS function.
GSW is very powerful software, it does require a half decent PC though.

The suppliers are pretty limited, it can be bought direct from the company though, or via 'photomart'.

Tips for use:
Use a decent green or blue backdrop, the above company do a huge 3mx6m green for about £50.
Lighting- this is key, shadows etc can be dealt with by the software, but the less shadows the better the result.
If using for full length, the floor will always be an issue, it will always look iffy.

On the whole, good software, a dedicated solution that is a bit clunky for fast paced events- but worth it for when i have someone wearing something close to chromakey colours (such as a borat mankini!)

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