Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Greenpeace protesters have disrupted the CBI conference this morning. Bearded looneys climbed the rafters of the hall. Idiots. Remember, you can't say environmentalist without saying mentalist!
  2. I wonder if they were man-handled into a waiting police van and charged with civil unrest?

    Not the Liar's Party conference after all
  3. If they were 84, they could have been nicked under anti terrorist legislation. Unfortunately they were bearded weirdo's. On this point I am on the side of the French with Greenpeace, which is a first.
  4. Just for clarity you consider murdering people to be an appropriate response to noisy but relatively harmless civil disobedience?.
  5. Also preventing-
    Whale extinction
    Fish stock depletion
    Rainforest destruction
    Sea pollution
    and ...........Greenpeace
    Bearded looneys,idiots! yep your statement makes so much sense does it not.
  6. murder's a very strong result, good beating with cudgels, now that's the way forward! :twisted:
  7. I agree the CBI deserve beating but thought green peace were non violent :?:
  8. ho, ho , ho ho!

    your pension must be being paid for by the taxpayer!
  9. There's nothing wrong with trying to protect the environment per se. Many of you must have seen footage of that toxic island in the Aral Sea, the rusting nuclear subs at Archangelsk, or any of the numerous other cr@p holes around the world. But childish stunts such as this only hack off ordinary people and get their backs up.

    Edited for geographical accuracy
  10. Yes, and ?
  11. but sometimes simply coughing politely and pointing out the problem doesn't get the attention the particular cause needs for changes to happen.

    The success they had with reducing whaling activities didn't come about thanks to a sternly worded letter to the Times did it?
  12. Lets keep things in perspective here. Those chaps from Greenpeace were just expressing their freedom of speech in an otherwise one-sided meeting. It wasn't violent and Greenpeace are declaredly apolitical. We go to war to protect this right to speak and protest in this manner.

    The key question should surely be, would this be tolerated in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Zimbabwe, pre-TELIC Iraq, Orwell's 1984? Probably not. Should it be tolerated in a liberal democracy like 21st century Britain, I think so.

    Anything that makes Bliar look more ineffectual than he already is has got to be a winner in my books.
  13. You're right cdo, it didn't. As I'm sure you know it came about partly because they got politicians of many nations onside, who then outvoted the pro-whaling countries. My point is that it's better to get pollies onside through lobbying; just hacking them off doesn't achieve much on its own. Persuading them that there are more votes to be gained by siding with the cause than against it is surely the aim?

    By the way, interesting location from which to post on whaling. Must be some strong views where you are?
  14. Been onboard Greenpeace 2,good skipper/crew.
    RIP Greenpeace 1 - sunk July 10 1985, Auckland NZ,seen her for my own eyes at the wharf!
    As I type I see some truth coming out,on other threads,
  15. fascinating so tell me, what exactly have greenpeace done to deserve murder?