Greenpeace flight deck ops

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by crabtastic, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. Third time this has been posted in the last couple of weeks...keep up!

    Agreed that the groundcrewman must've been squeezing his lucky rabbit foot to escape that one. Cab nicely stuffed back on deck.
  2. Well recovered, misses the superstructure, the groundies and gets a spot landing!
  3. "One of the deck straps was not released correctly"

    Really ?? Where ?

    That hippie was lucky though
  4. One very lucky hippy!

    I think that was God's way of saying 'Mind your own fcuking business you hippy cnuts'.
  5. Yes if God had wanted hippies to fly he wouldn't have invented tail rotor strikes!
  6. Big boat + helicopter.

    I bet if it was one of these;


    Some 'Tipping the Velvet' greenies would have something to say!!

    450lbs fuel/hour, and that's just the helicopter!!