Greenpeace being twats again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Jul 27, 2010.

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  1. BP: Greenpeace Closes All BP Petrol Stations In London As Company Announces Second Quarter Results | UK News | Sky News

    Greenpeace activists have claimed to have shut down every BP petrol station in London, putting up signs saying: "Closed. Moving beyond petroleum".

    Greenpeace's executive director John Sauven told Sky News: "We intent to stay all day. This isn't targeted at motorists, this is targeted at the company to get the company to rethink their strategy."

    BP has said that it is aware that some "irresponsible acts" have taken place and there has been "some interference with safety equipment".

    The Metropolitan Police has also confirmed they are aware of the protests but no arrests have been made.


    Since this is officailly sanctioned, cant BP sue Greenpeace for this ?

  2. Why the **** not? Offenses are being committed and the Plod are looking away?

    Or are the Met so right on and trendy that they give tree huggers a free pass when they break the law?
  3. BP won't suffer, just the staff of the petrol stations affected, they will lose sales. Punish the innocent, another smart move by Greenp1ss activists.
  4. Their right to protest does not mean they can stop people from making a living.
  5. The petrol stations are all franchised anyway so this is costing BP nothing, just the poor buggers losing sales on their business's.
  6. If they want to protest then they should organise a proper march, with stewarding and all. I recall a 'spontaneous green protest' when a bunch of them went up and down a train turning off all the reading lights to save fuel. The result being that everyone not only turned their lights back on, but turned on all the lights over the unoccupied seats as well. Childish but satisfying.
  7. Oh come on! Somebody come on and spout off about right to demonstration, free assembly etc or are you waiting until they catch someone tampering with safety equipment and he struggles thus meaning he has to be forcibly arrested and carted off? Then you can be on here in your droves spouting on about police violence.

    Today is my day from drivel - ok?
  8. How do you equate the right to make a peaceful demonstration with people unlawfully occupying someone's place of business?
  9. climbing over a petrol station and putting up banners hope someone falls and breaks there neck or causes an explosion, but I know who will get the blame
  10. They have allegedly removed or tampered with the pipework at some of the stations and as I understand that that is a criminal offence of some considerable magnitude.

    Be a same if Greenpeace created a mini Buncefield...
  11. MIT is from Hull, which explains a lot.
  12. Read the full quote.
  13. No MiT isn't from Hull - back to the drawing board.
  14. Funnily enough I had, I was kind enough to ignore the histrionic, would-be provocative gibberish about people being arrested being the same as police brutality, and concentrating on your merely deluded and bizarre idea that to support one type of protest is to support all, however unlawful
  15. It's above you, have another read. If you still haven't got it after the third read press quote and go advanced then read my quote again.