Discussion in 'Travel' started by supermatelot, May 12, 2010.

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  1. Anyone ever been there - to say Godhaab? I've anchored off there and been ashore there but never holiday there.
    I've looked about online and it all seems mahoosively expensive.
    Has anybody here experience of a dog-sledding holiday there for example?

    I'm fed up with sun sea and sand holidays. I've been to more countries , and more times than I can ever remember - and all I ever saw was the nearest pub, club or beach.
    I've finally reached the culture stage in life and want to try non run-of-the mill destinations.. All that wasted opportunity during my time in the mob...!!

    I've read bloody good reports online about Iran as a holiday destination actually! Best I don't take my I-pod though!
  2. Its pretty fecking dead. beer is sooper expensive and the only birds you see out are paraletic old eskimos

    I think the capital city has 16 000 population

    You can nip down and see santas postbox, reputedly the largest in the world. Unfortunately the local yoof have tried to burn it down

    Unless you are into oil or gas, or a marine mammal fetishist I'd leave it alone. You'd get more benefit from a NatGeo special on telly LOL
  3. It ain't Green, thats for sure. Flew over it in 97 & 99 on the way to Iceland and it looked like something out of Ice Station Zebra
  4. The bits I've been to are - we anchored off somewhere in the South of it - no idea where though. looked just like the west of Scotland.

    There are lots of package deals online for holidays there - mostly involving dog sledding and stop overs / transfers in Iceland etc. Its something I'd love to do but seems it would be cheaper to rent a small carribean island!