Greening the Army

The Army should recycle too

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  • My unit has had bottle banks for YEARS - whats new?

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Right you lot, look in, clutch in and pay attention this way - this is NOT about tree-hugging, wearing sandals or knitting your own macrobiotic yoghurt, got me ?

So pin back the lugholes and listen without prejudice, as George 'Hampstead Heath' Michael would say:

Industry News: Green disposal of unwanted items - Being ‘green’ traditionally has meant encouraging members of the public to take their empties down to the bottle bank and to give their surplus clothing to the local charity shop. However meeting the requirements of various current EU directives now require a far more professional approach, if for no other reason but that the volume of ‘rubbish’ requiring to be processed is so much greater.

It is no longer just individuals who need to be green, but also organisations of all sizes, including manufacturers who face the prospect of retaining responsibility for disposal of their products many years after the date they actually sold them.

The problem is that; what can be recycled, is legally required to be recycled and how & where it can be recycled is continually changing, while the need to recycle many items (ex. furniture, computers, etc.) only comes up periodically for individual organisation

That is why a service provided by the OGC Buying Solutions and the Disposal Services Agency (DSA) could provide a solution.

The DSA currently stands as the only Government disposal organisation and landfills less than 10% of all surplus equipment received by it, which is well ahead of the target of 20% for 2008 that all Government Departments are to adhere to.

For example, the DSA states that 98% of surplus computers can be reused, as can 75% of unwanted furniture. Public sector customers can find out the easy way how unwanted items can be reused or recycled. If they can’t, the DSA can advise the correct & compliant way to dispose of them.

To increase awareness Buying Solutions, in partnership with the DSA and the Regional Centres of Excellence (RCEs), have been presenting a FREE series of Procurement and Disposal road shows to share information & best practice on ways to improve the public sector’s approach to buying, recycling and disposal of goods including covering some of the priority areas identified :

Office machinery and computers

Further details ~ ~ Disposal Services Agency (DSA) ~ OGC Buying Solutions Environmental Consultancy Framework ~ Regional Centres of Excellence (RCEs) ~ North East RCE ~ Climate Care ~ Society of Procurement Officers (SOPO)
All this 'OGC Buying Solutions' stuff is what we used to call 'Crown Agents' when I was a young goat....and DSA used to be part of the Defence Sales Organisation/DESO till it got hived off to fit with whatever we're calling the Defence Logistics Organisation this week.

A few years ago I remember a young crow writing to Soldier mag on this issue and getting the usual " blah,blah di yah " response from Upavon.

The irony is , we take youngsters who've been brought up to at least THINK about putting stuff in the bottle bank - and then put them in barracks where nobody appears to give a sh1t.......

If anyone's interested I'll supply the hyperlinks at the bottom of the dit.


Hobby horse ridden, bonnet, bees for the keeping of, doffed - Tea and toast await !

Le Chevre

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Blimey...echoing silence :-D...once again I win the prize for 'Most boring thread on ARRSE' effortlessly !

I would be interested to hear from whoever ticked the box to say
' My unit has had bottle banks for years'......who gets the revenue and is this now standard or just an individual case where the PROM has vaguely heard recycling may be A Good Thing ?

Lee Shaver
On behalf of the Defence Environment and Safety Committee, the Waste Policy and Review Group will:
Maintain the waste chapter of JSP 418

Examine the scope for a MOD-wide waste contract

Develop a MOD-wide waste management system and support the MOD EMS

Produce waste stream baselines and propose reduction targets & monitor against SDiG targets

Produce guidance for waste management operations

Represent MOD at the inter-departmental waste group

Maintain a specialist sub-group on Packaging waste

Examine scope for setting up MOD and interdepartmental waste minimisation schemes

Monitor waste policy developments within the UK and the EU

Monitor international waste policy issues

Interface with MOD radioactive waste groups

Develop and maintain a MOD Sustainable Waste Management Strategy


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Mr_C_Hinecap said:
Develop and maintain a MOD Sustainable Waste Management Strategy
Y-a-a-a-y! Stunned and amazed of Herefordshire.......and the Committee has sat since WHEN ?

And they developed said strategy WHEN ? ?

And it is now hosted on the Web WHERE ?

Ah the Ivory Tower........memories of golden years (thankfully) past :-D

Lee Shaver


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Mr_C_Hinecap said:
For the love of God, please find the Google website:

Waste Policy
Well cheers for that Chins. Terse and to the point, but not exactly user friendly.

Given that 52% of the people who bothered to respond to the poll appear to want to know more about how the Army can do better in this regard - how succesful is Land's cascade-briefing on this ?

Or is it the case that once the briefing pack has got to Brigade HQ , that's the end of responsibility?

Sorry if this is not your part of ship and you're just trying to helpful.

But if it IS your part of ship - your approach to communicating is antediluvian.

( Google for it)

However, the Army Internet site produced the following which is slightly more use:

According to this, the Army's aim is to

reduce overall waste arisings by 25% by 2020 and to increase recycled waste to 75% by the same date. You will hear more about this in the coming months, so watch out for it!
Thanks to all who responded.

Le Chevre