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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Stardark, Mar 8, 2005.

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  1. Al thinks I have to drive up to Hereford to get hit with a clue bat, which is an hours petrol. Is he right?

    I said, IS HE RIGHT?

    Link: Challenge for AirborneHound (you need to sign on to view, but it has certain advantages over

    Bear in mind that it's my tenth wedding anniversary on Friday, so depending on your point of view, I want to stay pretty for that/ have suffered enough already...
  2. Shit, I pressed 'Submit' instead of 'Preview' before I sussed out how to convert the post to ARRSE format... 8O
  3. Umm, mind telling us all what the hell this is all about?
  4. I think he has shares in "Baco-foil"
  5. Delete it and start over
  6. The greatest compliment one can pay to another is to quote them. So what is your infatuation with Yanks anyway?
  7. Find a thread about for illumination.
  8. Does that mean Republicans were complimenting Democrats when they quoted all the 'flip flops' of Kerry's campaign. I can think of many examples of people's words being repeated for very uncomplimentary reasons. But perhaps I misunderestimated...

    I don't recall seeing you on Fivepaknh's Free Speech forum, BTW? Are you holding out from loyalty to (even though Greeny and Thanny are mods there, and I've even recommended FWRs, so she can see what it's like to mod on a site where you don't get so many opportunities to be an asshole), or is it just a time consideration?
  9. We had a very nice meal, by the way, at Gloucester Docks :)
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Are we an item now Wench ?
  11. @(!*#^%(#$*!!!! Okay, point taken! :?

    I've tried to log on at Five's site, but can't get in. Are civilians allowed? 8O
  12. Why have I quoted you before? :D

    If you're my husband, Mr. Barrowman, then yes we're an item. But let's keep all the gory details off the board, shall we? :wink:
  13. Everyone's allowed, even Yogi... I dug up Five's old thread on, emailing him if you can't log on seems to be the thing to do, assuming the email system works properly...

    I started my own forum
  14. BTW, check yer hotmail :)
  15. Greenhat is a moderator in 5Paks site as well?