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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Next_to_the_Tank, Jan 10, 2007.

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  1. A request for assistance.

    As part of the Corps Day stuff this year we are looking for pictures of Corps life in Northern Ireland on and off duty. In particular pictures of the interior the various Greenflys through the years - Portakabin, Sandhurst block, Plastic Pub and the current bit. Pictures from the various functions (decent please) with people socialising; pictures in offices in uniform - there must stuff from training at Ballykinler on the ranges in civvies and uniforms; old Corps Days, families stuff etc.

    We particularly need good pictures from the 1970s and 1980s as the material in the Rose and Laurel is not of particularly good quality.

    If you are able to e-mail pictures, or send in the originals for return it would be very much appreciated.

    Cheers :)
  2. This sounds like one for Whiskeybreath

    Bonus prize to anyone who has a picture of "Mr Trustworthy" from the incinerator.

    a one man security education and training machine
  3. Does climbing the radio antenna on the way back from the Greenfly on a Friday night count?

    There must be hundreds of them.
  4. Now that would be good! :wink:
  5. There is also the video of two Corps members "socialising" on Knox Rd Car Park. Taken by the Guard force monitoring the CCTV :D
  6. One for the video archive! :lol:
  7. An additional request. Does anyone have the phots from the dinning out of the very popular RSM FIU(NI) in about May 1997 (I think I was there but cannot remember!!!)? I have a request from one who was there and hasn't any photographic record. They remember an official phot recording the gathered crowd but the photographs never seem to have been offered up to the attendees.

  8. There was a big display of photos at the recent Unit disbandment function in NI. Most of these were on noticeboards in the Greenfly. Many had been taken there over the years at presentations and featured a variety of people. The SSgt at 121 Int Sect is the man to talk too regarding these.
  9. Cheers - we are already on to that one. We are also after anything hidden away in attics that might be interesting.
  10. No way are you getting my Dskh.

    The black helicopters may come back at any time :ufo:
  11. *hides porn*
  12. Oh yes, all those near-OAP types will be eager to drag out the black-and-white piccies of themselves in the 1970s... ?

    Collar-length hair, flared cords, and zip-fronted cardigans with suede elbow patches.... (I'm thinking of Papa G's late-1970s fashion sense here; mine wasn't much better, but I've got the excuse of not even being a teenager at the time).

    Still, armed women in the days of "the WRAC doesn't do guns" is always a topic for discussion :0
  13. Greenfly pictures, here you go:

  14. Ok, but you would not want to be around if one of their handbags or briefcases went off.
    I have no live rounds, blanks, empty cases, pyrotechnics, isotopes or briefcases in my posession Sir! ( and in some cases wallets)
  15. It was not Knox Road car park ok.................... :thumbdown: