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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Blodders, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. This is a 2 part question, aimed at anyone on here who makes/customises firearms. I have a 12g Greeener GP shotgun with a 26" barrel, it is my favourite gun, despite having a spangly Berretta 686 and a CZ550 amongst others, and it only cost me 50 quid. It is in excellent mechanical condition, so I fancy adding to it's utility by having a rifle barrel made and fitted for it (in addition to the shotgun barrel), having had it stripped down several times, I can see that it won't be rocket science, apart from the barrel the only other new part needed would be the extractor and that's essentially just an "L" shaped bit of steel. So, my questions;

    1, What sort of ball park cost am I looking at to source a suitable barrel blank (I'm thinking of 45-70 by the way but open to suggestions), chambering and fitting to the action, adding a fixed forend (as per SG barrel) and, of course, proofing?

    2, How would such a plan work wrt FAC/SGC? Obviously I would need to get a variation granting me a slot for the chosen calibre but what then? Is it on SGC with the smoothbore barrel on or does the whole "weapon system" transfer to the FAC? I imagine it would work in the same way as a double barrel that had a set of smooth barrels and a set of rifled, I know such beasts exist so clearly there is a way for it to work but does anyone on here know the definitive answer.

    Thanks for any help, in fact, thanks for any responses at all, it's all something to while away the time in Scabbywood!

    PS. I like the idea of a 45-70 to make it a nifty driven-pig gun with a decent reflex sight on top.
  2. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Is the Greener a side by side shotgun? If so, you are entering a world of pain my friend. I have made rifle barrels to fit shotgun actions in the past and the cost always runs very very high with much pain and suffering incurred throughout.

    Currently I charge around 16 grand to do it, but will always advise against it as you can find a half decent double rifle for that price.

    But if you really must, here goes:

    First things first you will need some good quality double rifle tubes, I get mine from Germany. You will need to find a specialist machine shop who can mill the correct convergence on them so they join together properly. You will then need to find an action maker, preferably London trained, who can joint the barrels to the action, and ensure the face forms a gas tight seal, if done properly this will take around 40 hours at a usual cost of £35 per hour plus the cost of a new cross pin which will also require engraving. If not done properly the gun will blow up at proof.

    Next step is proof, providing your shotgun action survives the increased pressures, which it may not, you will then need to have ribs specially made to fit your barrels and have them blacked down and tinned on. Next you have the fun and games of regulating the gun so that both barrels shoot in the same place at the desired distance. This may take a day and 1 box of very good quality ammunition, it may take a month of spending everyday at the range with a gas bottle, blow torch and tin solder and hundreds of rounds of very expensive ammunition. Finally you will need to have the barrels blacked so they look pretty. I know of only one company who do a really nice job and they are based in Uxbridge.

    As for licence issues, in London our local plod advises that the gun be listed as a shotgun up until the point that the new barrels can close on the action, at which stage it must then be listed as a rifle. Other forces may have different rules, it seems to change around here on a weekly basis.

    Edited to add: just googled your gun, is it the thing that looks a bit like a Martini? If so it should be a piece of piss and your only snag will be proof. :D
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Here was I thinking that some body was suggesting a new general purpose rifle that would find approval from eco-freaks. Images of 5.56 and sandals or Heckler and Koch in a major rain forest re-planting scheme. 1 tree per magazine fired.
  4. "Edited to add: just googled your gun, is it the thing that looks a bit like a Martini? If so it should be a piece of piss and your only snag will be proof."

    Indeed it is a Martini actioned single barrel. Basically the barrel is screwed into the action, the bottom of which is slotted with a "pinch bolt" across it to stop the barrel unscrewing in use. The fore-end is fixed to the barrel and has a stud in the rear face that engages in a curved slot on the action face, this ensures that the barrel aligns with the extractor slot when it is screwed in.
  5. If thats a single-barrel Greener shotgun, then its should be easy - and relatively cheap - for someone to convert. You could probably even find a spare s/g barrel and simply sleeve it for a rifle calibre. The Martini-Henry action is so strong that it can withstand virtually any calibre - I've seen harpoon guns made from ex-army actions that fired a 15lb bolt....

    If you ask your Police about licensing, then their brain cell is likely to explode. The anti-gun types who wrote firearms legislation failed to consider dozens of common scenarios (e.g. what happens if you have 3x Martini-Henry .450/577 "off ticket" as antiques, yet have one slot for a shooter on your FAC. Are they all S1 firearms, or just one of them? Etc....). I expect the answer will be that your gun will be a S1 firearms as soon as you obtain the (proofed) barrel, and that you will need some sort of exsplanatory note on your co-terminous FAC and SGC.
  6. I imagine the project would be like making an improved LSW or the nutter who wished to customise and all arms bergan
    well you could do it but buy the time you've spent the cash and time you could have brought something much nicer.
    not that I would mention the a2 in this arguement
  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Should be no problem at all and quite a fun project. I originally thought you were trying to make a double rifle hence the lengthy post.

    I've got three (new build ones) on the go at present and all of them are proving to be bastards for various reasons.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Its been done before and very well too. Canadiangunnutz is a very interesting forum, if I can find that thread then I will put up a link!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

  10. I like the idea of this, but I think if I was you I'd look at getting another shotgun of the same model as the base gun. They're still quite cheap and two guns are better than one as they say.
  11. When I go back to Ireland I often end up shooting with my father's old Martini Henry Greener. Solid old shotgun. I'd be afraid of making a mess of it.
  12. I wouldn't want to trash my GP, but that's the beauty of the design, I wouldn't have to alter any parts of the original gun, it's just a matter of making some replacement parts that can be swapped back and forth. My only queries really are the probable cost and the way it would work on my FAC/SGC. If the cost is more than I could afford then it's all moot, but I reckon it should be just about the cheapest way of having a custom rifle.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Easy to do, you buy another gun and get the barrel sleeved put the gun on your FAC.
    You get a barrel put on your fac in 45 70 and that should suffice.
    Any legal minds know if the whole gun is section 1 or just the barrel
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I used to get the guns for about £30-£50 at Weller and Dufty and flog them the same night at the gun club for £50 each.
  15. There used to be sleeve/carrier(if that's the right term) that used to take a .22 round for the Greeners. I don't know if they are still available but they were a useful thing for tidying up feral pigeons