Green Zone

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by scaleyfcuker, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. New film coming out with Mat Damon about Baggers

    From the trailer, looks pretty good. Same director as the Bourne movies (probably why hes used Mat Damon)
  2. I know, I cant take his acting abilities seriously after Team America! Hope its now too websters and cheesy like Hurt Locker
  3. Same here, every time he comes on me and the missus give it the 'Maatt Daaamonn' or even if we just hear is name. It's not as if he's that bad either. He's ok in the Oceans films, good in the Bourne films and even manages to take the p*ss out of himself in the Jay and Silent Bob films.
    Damn you Team America!!
  4. Thought it was a good film until he pops downtown on his own on his own little mission then just rocks up at the front gate and allowed back in like nothing happened, just went a bit too far fetched.

    I like your style of using one ticket to watch many films!

    Anyway back on thread its release date is apparently 12 Mar
  5. At least Damon saw the funny side of Team America; Sean Penn had a complete sense of humour failure about his puppet.

    As for Green Zone, I suppose it will have to do, as there is no sign of Bourne 4...