Green Tomatos

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Spacehopper383, Oct 6, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone have a good recipe for green tomatos, I thought of chutney but wondered if anyone does anything else with them?
  2. I just pick them before they go red.
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  3. Slice them, loads of salt and pepper and stick them on a thick slice of mozzarella. Drop the whole lot onto a piece of toast, bung on some olive oil and Tabasco and shovel it all down.
  4. oooh fried green tomatoes served with really crispy streaky bacon and a fried egg!!! Coat thick slices of tomato in seasoned breadcrumbs or polenta, fry in butter (or olive oil if you're a raging homo) until crisp and golden and serve hot. Maple syrup drizzled over is lush too!
  5. This might interest a few people - Green tomato jam with ginger and vanilla . PM me for the recipe
  6. It's a trap!
  7. phil245

    phil245 LE Book Reviewer

    Halloween is coming up, save some to throw at trick or treaters
  8. Green tomato jam. Had a huge glut of green tomatoes this year and now have several jars that should see me through a pile of months at least (and maybe cheapo christmas pressies if broke come december!). In short - for every kilo of tomatoes, add 600g of jam sugar, zest and juice of two lemons. Slice tomatoes (no need to peel), simmer in 600-700ml of water for about an hour (until reduced and tomatoes are tender). Chuck in the lemon juice and zest, sugar and bring to boil for about 10-20 minutes and then spoon into jars. Fab with cheese and cold meats. Had some earlier smeared on fresh crusty bread with lump of baked ham. Delicious.
  9. When someone of your background says it's a trap I become very nervous.