green sweets

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Detmold_Drunk, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. On all the battlefields and taining areas that British Army has ever roamed there must be millions of green sweets.What else has been discarded in such vast quantities
  2. the somme has loads of bones
  3. tins of chicken curry i should think !
  4. Bits of boll rogs and batteries.
  5. The good old Tesco Value Tin Opener you got in the bottom of the pack
  6. Bits of green string and mine tape tied to trees.
  7. Concrete logs with a half life of about 25,000 years as a result of too much Biscuit Brown BGMB.

    I think the original idea was that if they gave you food that made you cr@p solid steel, you could use it to concuss the enemy
  8. Empty cases
  9. 2Lts less than three weeks from Snadhurst looking befuddled with a map. Must be thousands of them dotted about
  10. TAC signs stil see one on the M58 for the RFA comp held in may!
  11. Buried turd and bog roll...and blank rounds.
  12. Pregnant fat chicks

    ^ made me snigger ^
  13. 5.56 - ubique.
  14. Public school twit type officers. Traditionally shot in the back in the first engagement.