green screen

Help!My screen is mostly green,i can just about read written word,but all pics and logos are pretty much green and very blurred.
Is it into the shop for a new screen or can I do anything to fix it?
Sounds like a poor connection. Had it been a separate monitor, I'd have suggested wiggling the lead, then trying a different lead and/or a different monitor.
Yep you got it.If I move the screen about it improves,but goes back to shite when in right into the shop I guess.
thanks for your help.
If you happen to have a monitor (a tv would do if it has a VGA socket, or if it and your laptop have a HDMI socket) and a lead, you could connect it to your laptop as a temporary fix.


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when you say move do you mean adjust the lid or twist the screen, flexing the top of the lid gently can clear the error for a while but often shows the fault as well.

test it first on an external monitor to make sure its not the mainboard even though its pretty fair that it wont be. look up screen replacement for your laptop then split the lid and check the connector to see if its loose or out of whack. if not then while its open flex it gently on the top if it messes about then its the screen ribbons and you cant fix those. so take the model number and look on ebay for a suitable replacement.

save you a fortune as you can get a screen for 40-70 quid instead of 150 plus labour

sometimes if its been stressed on the lid then it wrecks the screen without any apparent damage, sometimes you can use tape/blutack to stress it back in. I've had screens for people which work fine until you put the shell back on giving it that slight twist.
How old is the laptop?
Its about 6 years old.
I think grumblegrunt has the answer....screen ribbons.
Its about 6 years old.
I think grumblegrunt has the answer....screen ribbons.
Scrap it, any money spent on it would be better put towards a new one.
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