Green Plastice belst with No.2 Dress

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Jaeger, May 29, 2010.

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  1. Just watching the Dunkirk commemorations on the box at the moment, lots of smart looking frogs strutting about, that light Khaki uniform with the Kepi looks pretty natty IMHO. Theres an RAMC (I think) S/Sgt. there with a chest-full of gongs, smartly turned out in No.2's but his appearance [autorant] ruined by that fuc*ing Ghastly, Cheap, Nasty NAff-looking piece of tat, the green plassy belt! WTF? :x :x What clown thought it was a suitable item of uniform to pair with 2 Dress in Parade Order? It just about works with a set of cover-alls but 2 Dress???? Jesus wept!
    Are things so dire in the Army nowadays that a decent "Generic"White belt with a nice shiny Brass buckle or Belt plate could not be issued? :oops: [/autorant]

  2. I'm evidently less concerned than you, but I've never seen the logic of wearing a belt over a jacket. Sam Browne for traditional value, perhaps.
  3. Fixed it for you:

  4. Personally I think that a white belt looks stupid with a green uniform.

    However I agree that a nice buckle would be a good idea. If a unit has a stable belt with a stay-bright buckle then could be used, with a green belt. In a few case the stable belt itself could be worn with No 2s.
  5. :rofl:
  6. You lot need to get a life
  7. With or without a green plastic belt?
  8. I couldn't care either way!
  9. Just bin No2s/FAD and save money.
  10. the new marching suit comes with a belt anyway, looks far smarter than a green one with it
  11. As did the old ones, well my first set did in 1981.

  12. Mine hasn't, still wearing the white belt/stable belt buckle from the old No2's.

    Green belt? Wouldn't it look daft with a white scabbard?
  13. I got a bag full of sh1te with mine, it was in with all the collardogs and lanyard etc.

    either way, its crap anyway
  14. It's a frog, not a scabbard
  15. My apologies, I'll be sure to take myself outside and beat me for my error.