Green or Brown?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CH512O, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. I bet someone thought amongst the lines of Pink and Brown when they saw the thread title. :wink:
    No, what i mean is on pde other day, apparently the t-shirt under the CS 95 shirt has to be brown now? Told not to wear green anymore but brown?
    New to all of us at the time. Is this a new thing now??? Or just our Unit?
  2. I think it's just your unit. My brown t-shirts were issued for Telic and they are in rag now.

    Or msr has nicked them. :roll:
  3. For godness sake wear a KF shirt with a tie.
  4. And a balaclava, so they don't know it's you.
  5. Thats what we thought, me and a few others were lucky to have some Brown ones. I guess the others will have to wait for HERRICK next year!
  6. from what i'm aware it's green in the uk with woodland patt dpm
  7. Doesn't matter if its full face or 70's terrorist style - but you must wear it back to front.

    Oh and tuck it into the collar of the KF shirt, it'll save you a helluva rash :D
  8. BIC razor will sort that or 1 years worth of ironed-in starch!
  9. For younger viewers on this channel CH5120 refers to using the razor and starch on the shirt - not your neck!!!

    I just saved you a fortune there, ambulance chasers etc.... :D
  10. Good grief, there you go talking smut again!
  11. It will be brown once they get all the green ones out of the system. Brown can be issued / used for desert and temperate, so a single colour makes sense on procurement etc.
  12. Because Brown is obviously so Much better than green in the desert.

    Who gives a fcuk. Wear a red one and say you think you might be colour blind.
  13. I've just been issued a brown t-shirt.
    Apparantly it doesn't matter whether you wear green or brown at any time under CS 95. This decision could just be in my unit but I would imagine it would go for everyone.
  14. One t-shirt? Great, that's really going to last a four month jolly. I don't know why such items are so bloody difficult to obtain. There should be vast crates full of them and you should be allowed as many as you want. They're only cheap Chinese-made kit after all. We're not talking Fred fcuking Perry. Geeesh! Tescos are you reading this? Start knocking out plain OG/sand/brown tees for 50p a throw and you're in business.
  15. I've just been issued three green wicking T-shirts which seem to be good quality and not from China. Why would the MOD be spending money on these if it wants us all (for no good reason) to wear brown? Apart from anything else, brown clashes with my beret.