Green on Blue: not that bad, really

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by changingmag, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. But only in the same way that the Russians won.
  2. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    I remember the NI sec of state,Roy Mason used to come on and tell everyone that the IRA were defeated.
    That night Belfast or somewhere else got a new car park. It got so bad that someone had a quiet word along the lines of 'Roy, you're not helping. STFU'
  3. Well to me it looks like the strategy is working quite well. My gast has been flabbered by the news this morning.
  4. .

    Come on guys, lets stop covering up this situation up by calling it 'Green on Blue', or 'Taliban on Nato'.

    The truth of this matter is that this is 'Muslim on Unbelieving Christian, Jew or Secularist', pure and simple. Unless commanders and politicians recognize this, and understand this, they will never solve the problem.

    The Koran says 'kill the unbelieving kuffer', and that is a command from god himself (not from Mo). And what Afghan, of any persuasion, is going to disobey god? Face facts, these 'Muslim on Unbeliever' attacks, that are happening all over the Muslim world as we speak, will never end until Islam has its Reformation, and this particular pious but aggressive and genocidal Genie is firmly put back in its box.

  5. Genies come out of bottles.
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  6. I notice these comments tend to be made by politicos who have NO INTENTION of their offspring EVER being allowed near the situation, eh Mr Blair? Plus others too numerous to be worth mentioning.
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  7. That has got to be a first. I'll bet no British politician would follow that example.

    Spineless bunch of self-serving, snouts in the trough, grey suited lying weasels that they are.

  8. One of John McCain's sons, Jimmy, served as a USMC lance corporal in Iraq, while another, Jack, is like his father (and older brother Joe, grandfather and great-grandfather) a US Naval Academy graduate, currently serving as a USN helicopter pilot:

    At Naval Academy graduation, lives of McCain, Obama overlap - CNN and

    Advisory Board | The Travis Manion Foundation - "If not me, then who..."


    Joe Biden's son is a Maj in the Delaware Army National Guard and served as judge advocate officer in Iraq:

    I'm sure there are other examples.

  9. Actually, they come out of lamps.

    I wrote 'box' because the box I had in mind belonged to Pandora. But when all the evils of Islam left the box, the only thing left for the civilized and rational world, was 'hope'. And a slim hope it is too, unless we understand the problem and actively defend civilisation from the precipitous fall that is already on the horizon.

  10. Aye! and the sooner the better, the treacherous murdering *****, not worth the blood and bones of one British Soldier.
  11. Evils of Islam? Grow up. It is the interpretation of religion which creates evil. Look through the bible & you'll find some pretty nasty stuff too.

  12. You have not read the Koran have you. Admit it, have you.

    You don't need interpretation of the Koran, it simply says 'kill and torture the unbeliever and take over their lands' (named as Jews, Christians, Sabaeans, Polytheists and Idolators). And it does not say this once, it says it some 500 or more times. In fact, if you took the threats of violence out of the Koran, there would be nothing left. It is a manual for hatred and war, nothing more, nothing less.

    And before you counter that all religions have bloodthirsty texts, none of those texts in the OT mention extant populations or religions. The closest the NT comes to theism is the Jewish 'Blood Libel', but that us most definitely a matter of interpretation.

    And before you say I am an aggrieved bible-basher, I am Atheist, and have no particular axe to grind.

    So, Timble, toddle off and read the Koran, and then come back and make a more enlightened and knowledgeable post.


  13. Since you are obviously ignorant of the facts, just like all our media and politicians, let me enlighten you.

    Islam has always existed as a dominant elite, that controls subjugated populations by threats of violence and force of arms. Islam was conceived as a giant Chicago Mob - a protection racket that lived off the hard labour of the populations it subjugated and was never checked and reversed by a more powerful and rational force. (Thats what Islam means - subjugation). This is what Liberals call a 'peaceful coexistence between Muslims and Christians' in years gone by -- slave Judaeo-Christian populations working under the Islamic jackboot, with few rights and no part in the political process. Islam was and is a Great Protection Racket that simply dwarfs the petty ambitions of the Chicago Mob.

    Islam existed that way in most countries all the way though until recent times. In the 19th century, 60% of the population of eastern Asia Minor/ northern Syria were dhimmi Christians, while 40% of Baghdad were dhimmi Jews. These were the dhimmi populations who worked and paid their taxes to the controlling Muslim elite, and had no say in politics or policing. Look up the social system of Sparta, and you will see exactly how Islam operated up until recent times.

    However, in the early 20th century, Islam thought it could go it alone and do without their dhimmi slave populations. Thus we had the Armenian and Greek genocides by the Turks, which wiped out and displaced some 3 or 4 million Christians from Anatolia - including the whole population of Christian Smyrna (Izmir) who were all exiled and murdered within the space of 2 desperate and tragic weeks in 1922, all 500,000 of them. Likewise, in 1947 the Muslims of Iraq exiled the whole Jewish population of Bagdad - some 500,000 Jews.

    When Western liberals are busy hand-wringing about 100,000 displaced Palestinians in 1947, why do they never mention the millions of Christians and Jews who were displaced by Muslim nations in the 20th century?

    Predictably, the now majority Muslim populations of the East found it much harder to run a nation themselves, than lashing the whip at a subjugated dhimmi population. This new situation was analogous to the Chicago Mob without any shops and bars to take protection money from, and so the economies of all these Muslim lands crashed and poverty became rife. Places like Syria, which had once been the most prosperous region of the Roman and Romo-Byzantine Empires, steadily became basket-case nations. And in Syria we have the 600 Dead Cities of Aleppo, that stand in mute testimony to the former great wealth of that land, before Islam came along.

    So you can see, that you have been lied to, Timble, and your entire world-view is based upon Western political and liberal deceit. There never was a peaceful coexistence between Islam and Judaeo-Christianity, for the Koran explicitly urges Muslims to subjugate and kill all Jews and Christians. And thus there will never be an accord between Afghans and Americans, or between Islam and the West, for the controllers of the Great Protection Racket will never accept anything but the complete subjugation of all dhimmi unbelievers. And they will do this as they have always done this, by responding to any criticism of Islam with riots, mayhem, murders and threats of further violence.

    These threats are a tried and trusted method of subjugating rational and peaceful people, and it still works in the 21st century. As you will have noted, politicians after politician has lined up to prostrate themselves before Islam, and denounce the film, while never mentioning freedom of speech or the fact that Muslim violence is 1,000 times worse than anything said in this stupid film. Likewise, media outlet after media outlet will give deference to the 'Prophet Muhummad', but would never dream of mentioning the 'God Jesus'. Genuflect, genuflect, genuflect. As Winston Churchill said: 'those who appease threats of violence, are feeding a crocodile in the hope that it will eat them last'. This is what you are doing Timble; you are a dhimmi surrender-monkey, hoping to be eaten last.

    It is sad you don't know this, and do not understand this. I told you and everyone else that these Muslim attacks on our forces would escalate, and I was derided as a nut. What I predicted comes true, and you still deride me as a nut. For how long will you bury your head in the sand and deny an undeniable truth? Are you going to be like the wealthy Christians of Smyrna, who always said that their great riches would buy Muslim cooperation and protection? Are you and your family going to be like those same wealthy Christians of Smyrna, who were massacred by the hundreds of thousands, or were left with nothing but the burned rags they stood up in? Is this the future you wish for your family?

    Its about time you reconsidered who the real nut-cases are around here.