Green on Blue again!!

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by PapaGolf, Jul 2, 2012.

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  1. Sadly it won't be the last. In fact, I predict a rise in these sorts of attack.
  2. Ramadan's coming up, so definately
  3. BBC just confirmed the x3 soldiers were British.
  4. "Public opinion against the foreign forces in Afghanistan was inflamed by revelations, in February, that US troops burned copies of the Koran at a base in Afghanistan - reportedly by accident.

    The shooting of 16 Afghans by a US soldier in March has also created resentment."

    Personally I find this BBC comment disgusting! They are trying to justify the actions of a bunch of terrosists and a corrupt untrustable people. I know it is only a small number but it is not the place of the British!! BC to justify it.

    Maybe it's just me and I will calm down and go away quietly but I really do detest the British media.

    R.I.P lads.
  5. I think you are being a bit hysterical and ridiculous. You forget, this is a war. The shooting of 16 Afghans certainly did cause a lot of resentment as did the burning of the koran. Both fell fell into the hands of the Taliban who used the incidents to their advantage. I don't see how the BBC are justifying anything, they are just reporting what happened.
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  6. What annoys me is the obsesive interest in US troops. Between 2007 and 2011 there were 26 incidents like this with 58 deaths, including British, French and Italian troops. 5 British Guardsmen killed and 6 wounded in Nov 2009. 3 Ghurkas in 2010 but still we go on about US troops. OK bigger numbers but how quick they forget our own.
  7. I agree, I remember one day the Beeb reporting that a yank was killed in Iraq. On the same day as the yank being killed, a Brit was killed, but they didn't bother reporting it. I don't think they were happy with the letter I sent them.

    Apparently, reading on the BBC news web page just now, the 3 shot are Brits.
  8. 2 x Welsh Guards and 1 x Royal Corps of Signals. RIP lads.
  9. I agree with you to an extent but I still think that the report in question, tries to justify/link this event with previous US actions. All entitled to our opinions.
  10. So sad,RIP to them three,condolences to the families....
  11. Shocking news. Rest in Peace to them. My condolences to their families.