green Mk6 helmet still in production?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by zala, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. hallo,everybody

    questions from China.
    i was bought one green Mk6 helmet from ebay.and the label date is 2010.L size helmet.
    helmet 's weight is so light,same as black MK6A helmet s weight.approximate 1.6 KG .
    question is ,green helmet still issued in british army?and what is the material of made?Kevlar?orballistic nylon?

    sorry for my poor english,i try to make my means clear.

    20120113553.jpg 20120113554.jpg 20120113555.jpg 20120113556.jpg 20120113558.jpg
  2. Chuckling over the last line of that pam in the picture

    "It MAY save your life more than once"

    Or may not, hard to tell
  3. .
    Hello Chinaman I've never met or seen, would you like to know about all our top secret stuff as well??
  4. Civvies stocking up for the inevitable World War Three maybe?
  5. Shhh. Don't tell him about our secret helmet. Especially where it is worn.
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  6. I'm not sure that whether a twice superseded helmet is still in production (as it obviously is/was since he has one in his possession with a dated label inside) is really a state secret to be honest. You could probably phone the factory and ask them if you really wanted to.
  7. .
    He may be grooming you. Next thing you know he'll invite you over for an all expenses paid holiday to China and you'll be living out the rest of your days chained up in a 50 year old Chinaman's love dungeon.
  8. Zala, Why do you need to know whether or not it is still in production?
  9. I'll PM him me contact info then! :)
  10. To check whether his is a fake?
  11. If you need a travelling companion ...
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  12. Now that made me larf. :p
  13. We don't know if it is a 'he' yet, so there might still be scope for 'secret helmet' info.