Green mini-car to beat congestion

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Apr 25, 2006.

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    Not convinced . It'll have to get past the "4 wheels good , 3 wheels bad" brigade first.
  2. Every time they bring one of these "concept" cars out I always wonder what happens to them as you never seem to see the things for sale anywhere ever.

    Still waiting for the European version of a decent electric car. One that can do 90Mph and go over 100 miles on one charge.

    These cars have been made and they are available to buy but for some reason you can't get them in Europe.

    I wonder if the fact that charging tax on the fuel for these is impossible has anything to do with it?
  3. These machines have been available for years, we call them trikes... check for over 20 years of trike building history. I admit that often he has used some of the largest and most polluting engines he can find, but also some smaller more ecenomical ones too.

    (where this paragrpah uses the word 'often' please read 'wherever possible')
  4. The problem is that - as with the C5 et al - clever designers and environmentalists usually lack any "real world" common sense: an eco-friendly plastic trike might be handy for one person visiting the local pedestrian precinct or town centre, but it would fail miserably the first time you needed to pop up the M1 to visit your parents, or pick up some flat-pack furniture, or take the family to the seaside, etc. Millions of petrol/diesel cars exist for the very reason that they offer optimum speed, endurance, capacity, etc.
  5. while Ideal for the commute how many people can afford to run a car for commuting and a family car for the weekend
    me I use a bicycle for communting and taking son to nursery but a car at the weekend although the wifelet use a car to commute half the ditance I cycle :(
  6. Anyone remember the Sinclair C5? :roll:

    People do not want 'economy' over comfort/safety
  7. C5's available on Ebay :)

    its true and has been stated already... a Car is multi purpose, This new trike thing will be a good idea if it costs peanuts to buy. if its as cheap as say a moped, i would buy one. because i could then afford to be Mr Green Mon-Fri and Mr Family on weekends

    but as with all projects "ruined" by Europe - bet it costs as much as a Renault Clio and the insurance companies will hammer it too for some stupid reason thet they will make up.

  8. Make it very cheap people will buy it and use it ,but at a price of a couple of grand why not buy a small car which is more verstile
  9. There are quite a few electric cars in central London at the momment. But I don't see how they are so green when the elctricity that powers them has to be generated by the old fashioned way. Does anyone know if an electric car burn less fossil fuels than a petrol one if the electricity that powers it is generated at say, Didcott Power Satation?
  10. New? As in new as seen on Top gear last year?

    Dutch Carver is the same thing, albeit with a 600cc bike engine (Come on!!)

    But then the Carver is £22K

    I still think its cool though, if they can get a natural gas version for around £5K then i'd buy one tomorrow!

  11. So i was wrong - its not the same as a Clio - more like a top of the Range SUV at 8MPG?

    Dicks - cant get anything right

  12. Yeah. Have you seen what they go for? You could pick one up for peanuts at one time, they seem to have acquired some kind of cult status nowadays.
  13. The electric car is probably less efficient, but the fosil fuels used to make the electricity are not burnt in the city centre. I think electric cars don't have to pay the congestion charge in London. Power stations have a ludicrously low overall efficiency. The cooling towers have to chuck away a lot of the heat generated into the atmosphere and there are transmission losses involved in moving the electricity. I think 30 or 35% is about typical.

    Internal combustion engines are similarly inefficient, much of the heat is discarded through the radiator. If you can use the heat on-site (CHP machines) you can achieve 85 or 90%. Figures are from vague memories, so don't quote me.

    The biggest problems with electric cars has usually been the batteries. A ton of lead acid batteries, which may last 3 or 4 years and are not very green in either lugging the extra weight around or in recycling the hazardous wastes from the acid and lead salts. Would you like to be sharing a vehicle with 25 litres of sulphuric acid or 25 litres of petrol in the event of a crash?
  14. Thanks Onetap, thats more or less what I thought.