Green MG Vs Golf in Windsor this morning

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. My boss (in the green MG) said thanks to those of you who stepped in this morning :wink:

    She'll keep an eye out for you on her way passed Windsor Great Park every morning :D
  2. Can you tell us what on earth you are talking about?
  3. Sadly not, as I don't want anyone to get any hero's to trouble :lol:

    But if anyone involved wants to pipe up and, explain.... - (although I have a feeling they're on Ex!)
  4. Hmm let me guess Green MG had a prang this morning maybe with a Golf VW
    Some jolly nice chaps from HM's finest stopped to lend a hand - I suspect said lady in MG was just a tad distressed.
    Now realising how helpful these very nice chaps were she just would like to say thankyou once again and stand them all a drink at her local :)

    How does that sound?

  5. Has she been out dogging :?
  6. Close Baz, but it got a little excited than that, and the lil lady was "told to drive off" by (who she thinks was) a Sgt, whilst the situation was "diffused".
  7. :lol: Joined by a Troop of her Majesty's finest? Excellent.....reckon I could try that with some girl guides??
  8. So they filled the Golf driver in? good work, I just hope they didnt leave any incriminating boot prints on his face.
  9. Not bad for a SWAG (you know sophisticated Wild ARRSED Guess)
    Best cure for road rage to date - step out the car in your kit - usually is enough for said unhappy driver to shut up and back off :) They certainly get quieter as you approach thats for sure.

    Still who says Chivalry is dead :)

    Still think she owes him a drink though!

  10. Donno might end up sharing a cell with Gary Gitter when he gets back :lol: