Green meat wants some fun

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Hello I am a female in a couple but we like to have fun would really really love to suck, lick, ****, worship, your big army dick, will do whatever you want you can cum where ever you want apart from inside me and no sex either. My partner will be present and may just watch but certainly no gay stuff. ( I will not show pics off myself untill I see pics first I can guarentee I have a pretty litte face that you will want to cum all over size 12 no minger)

I am quite fussy but for the right person belive me I will worship your cock for aslong as you want

- Big dick minimum 7 inches long and 6 inches fat
- Clean ( you will be expected to shower first )
- In decent shape, pics will be needed to see what you look like
- Uniform to be worn or put on for me

I am thinking a hotel or your place, we will pay for the room. this is not a joke PM me with any questions or info maybe we will start to chat on MSN, not sure on next step as not done this before but please contact if you are intrested and "fit" the bill (disscresion assured)
Forgot to mention would expecially love to have some fun with a soldier just returning from tour, and I will litterely cum just from sucking your big dick you have no idea how wet I am just at the thought of it.
Can I take a dump on your chest?
Green meat? No wonder she doesn't want full penetrative sex...

Well she may be an SCH but at least she's an honest SCH. Oh and so's her hubby.


War Hero
Hi GreenMeat. I meet all your criteria, well more or less.

I am on standby, pressing my Legionaires uniform and polishing my um,

weapon. All ready to go.

Where do I send the pics? By all means come to my place...will mean a

bit of an air fare, but what the heck. Reply soonest. Really looking

forward to some of your disscresion. You show me yours, I'll show you

mine. I think that I'm in love. Er where can I come again?
Feck sake! Really getting some weirdos hitting this site lately. If you're after squaddie c0ck, go to forcespenpals and compete with all the other desperate freaks there.
Green Meat? FFS - too easy.

Clue - you don't get this old and this ugly without spotting the obvious


Locked for obvious reasons! :roll:
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