green kit: Tax deductable?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by theblindking, May 21, 2009.

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  1. It's that time of year when I like to fry my head sorting out the admin nightmares that are my accounts.
    My accountant tells me that the word from HMRC is that any kit is the MODs bag not theirs - presumably due to stores issues + JPA etc. The situation is obviously confused by army pay being PAYE.
    I am fairly sure that the qualification of "reasonable expenses" applies to a lot of the stuff I've bought and that the Taxman is fobbing me off.

    Has anyone in stabland successfully claimed for green kit against their tax liability?
  2. I haven't, but i'd love to hear an answer on this. I'm going to have to get an accountant in to sort out my mess this year!
  3. How can you claim for something that is either issued or for which you receive an allowance?

    Anything you have bought is of your own choice.
  4. Just become an MP.
  5. You mean stable belts, mess kit, insoles, green string, batteries, bungees, torches, sun cream, etc., etc.

    If, as a Regular, you think you've had problems getting stuff out of Stores, wait until you join the other Army.
  6. All of the above less stable belts are available through the stores system.

    They are all C class (expense) items less the bungees. It makes no difference if your are regular or TA, those items are freely demandable via your CQMS / SQMS.

    If you ever had difficulty obtaining expense items it was not due to the stores system - more akin to the RQMS thinking you were a cnut.
  7. corporate workwear/uniform which you have to wash yourself can be claimed for off the taxman. its about 30 quidish a year and you can claim for this yearly and backdate a claim for the last 5 years. but your accountant should surely know this, if he doesnt i would employ another as he cant be that good
  8. I put some stuff against tax

    Self employed. TA is one source of income

    I buy a pair of Lowas for Army work (only), 100% against tax

    if I buy a stethoscope for work as a doctor, 100% against tax.

    Cant see the problem there.
  9. For those of us who don't have accountants and have a poor understanding of how Tax works, how would one go about claiming this corporate workwear/uniform thingy?
  10. But, you are issued boots, so unless you have a biff chit saying you need them (in which case you can probably claim off JPA) you're not going to be able to claim that one.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Don't bother. The savings will be far less than the cost.

  12. Fair enough, damn, my attempts to increase the car fund fail again!
  13. Been tried for washing military uniform (several times, fair few threads on here plus a letter in soldier magazine and an article in soldier magazine), you cant claim tax off for washing your military uniform.

    If you are self employed (such as your own catering business) you can claim it back, if you are PAYE (such as the Regular or TA forces) then you cannot.

    In the military you can take your uniforms to your QMs, they have a contract with a cleaning firm (including dry cleaning for No.2s/service dress), whether you choose to use them or not is your decision but that is why you cannot claim tax back for laundering your military uniforms.
  14. Thanks for all the replies/suggestions. As ever it does seem that there is a bit of a black hole at work here.

    As has already been stated if you buy equipment or clothing that is solely used in the persuance of an employment then in every other walk of life it is partially or completely Tax deductable - even if your employer provides it as a matter of course.

    Filbert, re your above; moving away from the military context for a second, just because you are PAYE it doesn't exlude you from submitting a tax return for the purpose of claiming back deductable expenses edited to add: though not laundry, I accept. It's just that 99.9% of people either don't realise that they are entitled to or can't be bothered.
    In relation to this MSR, if you submitt an online self assessment surely it would cost you nothing.

    I am of the same opinion as Bubblerg and having been in the unenviable position of having created two precendents with the Inland Revenue over the last 5 years through not especially complicated circumstances, I am now not prepared to just accept a status quo as a Fait accompli, without ensuring that there are actually systems in place.

    I believe it is quite possible that HMRC and the MOD have just been bouncing this issue back and forth between each other and have never been tied down on it.

    Just to clarify I am of the opinion that this is a matter for HMRC
  15. msr

    msr LE