green jackets

I am soon to be joining the army but have not decided which regiment to join. I have always liked the green jackets (soon to be rifles) and was wandering if they will be going on tour in the next couple of years cos that is one of my main reasons 4 joining. Also can u choose which btn u join or do u just join the rifles and they send u to which ever one they want. Can anyone throw some light on this subject? Thanks alot
So if i join in next couple of months i wont pass basic till about september. Would i go afghanistan then or would i have to wait till they next go?
1) You have to be accepted for training.
2) You have to be accepted into The Rifles.
3) You have to pass basic training.

Only then will you know which one of the 5 Rifles battalions you will join, whilst you will likely be asked if you have a preference you won't be given a choice.

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