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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by dev111, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. have been considering the londons for some time and decided to go for one of the RGJ companies. Just wanted some closure, as I know they are going to become one of the Rifles' ta btns. I understand that F and G coys are merging with the RRV, but are they actually moving location? Will they simply become rifles in their current locations in davies street, west ham, ect when the time comes or will they up and move elsewhere. Any info is MUCH apprectiated

  2. I think the current location of the Mor Pl is closing (Fulham High St TAC), but the rest is as it is now.
  3. Where is your current location, are these your closest TA units? Jackets wont be leaving until end of 2006/7 cant remember when...
  4. 31 MAR 06
  5. Sapukay you are either:

    A Jacket that is looking forward to this date with glee
    Or a non Jacket looking forward to this date with glee


    Either way the Jackets make up a huge part of the Battalion, with very professional troops. Will be missed!
  6. this is what is confusing, do you mean leaving the londons or leaving their current locations, or both? :p
  7. G Coy Londons (RGJ) will be staying at West Ham for the forseeable future. It might be far from Reading but it has superb facilities and can trace it's heritage from a famous local Rifle Regiment - The Rangers (KRRC)

    Where do you live now? (not address but area)
  8. Both F & G will be staying in their current locations but will transfer to the RRV wef 1/4/6. Moratsrw ill leave Fulham next month (those who are choosing to stay and will move in to Davies St). In reality this will have very little effect upon most Riflemen as they will do the same things (possibly a change at West Ham as they are getting GPMG) but to the Rifle Platoons there will be no difference. We have still to see a training programme and details of Camp but if you are a recruit then your priority will be CIC anyway. Welcome to the Light Division.
  9. i live in south west london. F coy is easiest for me to get to. Straight on the tube, half an hour. I'm hoping they are staying at Davies street after becomming Rifles?


    edit: sack_them_all beat me to it. Cheers mate. :D You said G coy are getting GPMG's, yet F coy are losing the mortars. are the mortars simply getting relocated, taken away, or replaced by something else?
  10. Londons will be going to Cyprus in Sept 06 for Annual camp (live firing), then the call outs for Afgan will start in Jan 07 FYI.

    And yes, where are Motars going?
  11. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Being the spotting cnut that I am, as well as the Rangers, also trace back to London Rifle Brigade, as these two regiments were amalgamated to form the London Rifle Brigade/ Rangers in 1960.

    Fecking hell I hate myself for bringing that up. I get so fecking pedantic when pissed as a newt.
  12. For the Londons mortars will be A coy London Scots, in the RRV the mortars will be at Milton Keynes. Although in the case of the RRV ( Rifles ) nothing is set in stone.
  13. Not sure about the final situation re Mortars, they may still keep a few people at DS but the Mortar Pl will be at Milton Keynes. DS will remain as a Rifle Coy. Unless you are mortars I would not be concerned. Those people that it affects have been told as much as is possible but there is quite a bit to be confirmed. Watch this space - perhaps Bravo Bravo can enlighten us!
  14. Sack_them_all:
    A sad day for Fulham, but lets face it, its been on the cards since the SDR.

    Don't YOU know better than to involve him?
  15. Sorry but he will be along shortly no doubt anyway :roll: