Green Jackets Guard Buck House

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Captain_Calamity, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. I recall having seen some film footage (I believe it was a documentary) covering the Green Jackets when they were on ceremonial duties in London.

    Footage was black and white if I remember correctly. Circa 1970's?

    Can anyone help?
  2. How much Household Silver went missing during their tenure?
  3. I think it was called 'the Regiment' and featured 1RGJ, IIRC at windsor castle and the Tower of London.

    This was the infamous tour of the turd in the sentry box, death threats to the beefeater who grassed someone for smoking on stag and - best of all - the slight, ahem, addition to the ceremony of the keys at the tower:

    Halt who goes there!?

    The Keys!

    Whose Facking Keys?

    The Queen's Facking keys!

    (Que stunned silence from surrounding tourist).
  4. Let me know if you find a copy :D
  5. Indeed, I am in search of a copy.
  6. An update.

    Indeed the film was about 1 RGJ undertaking public duties in 1976. It was made by Edward Mirzoeff CVO CBE (a well known documentary maker).

    Some photos are available on the RGJ association website here:

    I have been unable to find a copy thus far. Any help appreciated.
  7. OMG, i can't belive he said that word?? Its who 'comes' there, not goes!! He must of made a right mess of the ceremony making that mistake :roll:
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  8. Being a tad pedantic, perhaps, but always given to understand the the "Keys" ceremony was the lock-up ceremony - so there would be no tourists there.

    There is a Guards tendency in the family, which, whilst laudable, does often give the inside scoop on Public Duties.
  9. I believe that you are missing the point. The thread is not meant to be an opportunity for the guards to tell us all how great public duties are - its unlikely we will be doing them!!!

    If any one has any info about the RGJ on public duties, particularly where the documentary can be obtained, it woould be much appreciated.

  10. I believe a Rifleman also tried to argue the toss with the Queen over whether his boots were shiny enough

    "Nah, they look alright to me Ma'am"
  11. msr

    msr LE

  12. Tourists and/or civilians can attend the Ceremony of the Keys. It's a simple matter of a written request to the Tower, a few months in advance.
  13. Roger MSR,

    Already on that one.
  14. Unrelated, but funny as fack was on a parade where our BC was inspecting and stopped by one NCO and asked "Are those your best boots bom?" to which he replied "Well I like them sir"

    We all creased up :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


    You had to be there
  15. Hmmm. The last 20 or so times that I have done the Keys there have never been fewer than 50 tourists there. I think that your relative is mistaken.