Green jackets and size 8 boots


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Everywhere I look at the moment I am finding the new issue "Lowa type" boots for sale, Salisbury, Poole, Bournemouth and Southampton.

Always size 8's! Every shop says there is a bloke from 2RGJ touting them but always size 8 never size 9!

They do appear to be very good and surprisingly light but why is it this Greenjacket is only nicking size 8's! dont the RGJ employ people with size 8 boots or something.

If anyone knows where there is a new pair of size 9 going let me know. Yes I tried e'flea but they only seem to have massive size 12 and 13!

They seem to have got it right in the design and build of these boots, very nice indeed.

Tried here?

The World Of Surplus - Army And Navy Surplus Store - is located 15 Miles South Of Birmingham, in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. Close to the border of the West Midlands, our Army Surplus Store is Close to Junction 4 on the M5 Motorway and Junction 1 on the M42 Motorway.

Distance to our Army And Navy Store From:
Birmingham: 15 miles, Bristol: 72 miles, Burton Upon trent: 55 miles, Cambridge: 114 miles, Cheltenham: 34 miles, Coventry: 30 miles, Darlington: 190 miles, Derby: 63 miles, Doncaster: 112 miles, Dudley: 16 miles, Edinburgh: 302 miles, Glasgow: 300 miles, Gloucester: 40 miles, Kidderminster: 11 miles, Leicester: 57 miles, Liverpool: 108 miles, Leeds: 135 miles, London: 118 miles, Manchester: 97 miles, Milton Keynes: 77 miles, Northampton: 69 miles, Nottingham: 68 miles, Oxford: 68 miles, Portsmouth: 152 miles, Redditch: 6 miles, Scotland: 205 Miles, Sheffield: 107 miles, Stoke On Trent: 55 miles, Southampton: 134 miles, Swindon: 65 miles, Telford: 43 miles, Wolverhampton: 21 miles, Worcester: 16 miles,
instead of lowas look out for BW Berghshuh. This is the west german army equivalent lightweight mountain boot and is made by Lowa/meindl or Hiax. On E Bay brand new and boxed £80 plus postage. Google CFI military supplies as there the seller
Mate one thing about all the info given here
Its no use to you unless you try a pair
Ive used lowas for years and for me they are spot on :D
I was advised to try a pair of altbergs which half the sqn swear by
but personally I thought they were crap :x
Its down to your own personal choice
What works for one may not work for you so if you can try before you buy :wink:

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