Green insanity - we just turned off a 2,000mw power station

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. Caught this on the news earlier. Cant get onto the link atm but is it true this is being shut down for breaking EU clean air regs?
  2. [h=2]RWE's Didcot A generates its last[/h] 25 March 2013

    Coal-fired power station Didcot A generated its last megawatt on Friday 22 March after 43 years of service. Over its lifetime it ran for 660,000 hours.

    The 2,000MW RWE plant will be decommissioned over the course of nine months before demolition, which could take several years.

    RWE had opted out of the Large Combustion Plant Directive for Didcot A, meaning it was restricted to running for 20,000 hours from January 2008.

    Phil Noake, Didcot A power station manager, said: "This is a sad time for everyone at the power station, but I'm very proud of what we've achieved over the past 42 years."

    Didcot B gas-fired power station will continue to run on the site.

    There you go
  3. Not sure that a 2,000 milliwatt power station will be a great loss to the grid.
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  4. No. It's being shut cos its over 40 years old, filthy, and couldn't meet any of the current emissions standards without more expenditure than its worth. It's long past the end of its service life. The scandal isn't that its finally shut-It should have shut years ago.

    The scandal is the lack of nerve in commissioning something to replace it-And that falls squarely to Labour's account.
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  5. Think that should have read 2000 MW, a 2000 milli watt power station would barely light a torch bulb!

    That apart, we've got tons of coal under the ground and a shortage of power so WTF is wrong with these so called geniuses?
  6. Bastard, you typed quicker that me!! ;P
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  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I pinged on this thread fully expecting it to be all about Drax ..... watch this space.

    I am also old enough to remember old folk ( me mam and Dad who were probably in their early forties at the time) gleefully repeating lines from Hancock's H-half Hour something to the effect:

    ' we are, an island built on coal and surrounded by fish...and only under a Labour government could we manage to run out of both...'

    I 'ad that Aneurin Bevin in the back of the cab once...where to?
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  8. All of which is of no ****ing use because that "darling" Maggie decided she didnt like the cut of scargills jib and destroyed the british coal industry, result we have virtually no mines left and more importantly no skilled workforce capable of operating underground.............

    Mind you she is the only Prime Minister to have a disease named after her "Mad Cows Disease"
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  9. Your village called, they want their idiot back.

    Scargill killed the British Coal Industry over his desire to be seen as a socialist warrior rather than being a leader of a trades union.
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  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    A lack of workers prepared to dig it out for Chinese peasant wages, and a couple of safety regulations probably has a lot to do with it......
  11. Fair enough I used to work in the mining industry however.
    She has been out of power Dave 23 years more than enough time to change things so what did Labour do in their 13 eh?
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  12. Not even worth a bite.

    Your 'selective memory' leaves a lot to be desired,I'd quit whilst you think you're still ahead! :meditate:
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  13. Sad fact is that once the water pumping is decommissioned in a deep mine, the whole thing becomes unsafe and liable to collapse, thus making it unviable to reopen (plus most of workforcwere capped and built over)

    Additionally at the time of the closure the public purse was subsidising coal (its major consumer the CEGB being directed towards the use of natural gas) so in low level economic terms not cost effective, however the fact that it was a strategic industry was ignored so basically we lost it all totally
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  14. Good reply Dave.
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