Green identifies savings worth "hundreds of millions"

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Green identifies savings worth "hundreds of millions"

  • Story by: Samantha Downes
  • Magazine: FTAdviser
  • Published Monday , October 11, 2010
Sir Philip Green, the retail billionaire, concluded that the government has failed to make the most of ts scale, buying power and credit rating, according to reports in Monday's Financial Times

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Office minister who commissioned him, said some of the findings were "staggering".

Sir Philip said: "There is no reason why government should not be as efficient as any good business."

"The conclusion of this review is clear – credit rating and scale in virtually every department has not been used to make government spending efficient."

Mr Maude said: "This review shows that for far too long there has been no coherent strategy to make government operate more efficiently."

"Every pound we can take out of the cost of government is a pound we can protect in the front line.”

The retail chief, with his long-standing lieutenant Ian Grabiner, went through the government's books to scrutinise spending ahead of the comprehensive spending review on October 20.

Government departments wasting taxpayers money - shock! horror! :pale: :roll:
I have done my own research and review. I have concluded that if Sir Phillip Green, the muti-billionaire paid full tax on all his earnings the Government tax-take would rise by probably as much, if not more than they could save in waste.

I will be making no charge to the Cabinet Office for my time and effort in conducting this research.

As an added bonus, I have established that if Sir Phillip Green cut out his chauffered car, expenses, subsidised accommodation in london, first class travel, private jet, tax-free bonuses and share options, his companies would make even more profit. The down-side of course would be that they would have to pay more tax to HMG. Again, I make no consultancy charges for this research otherwise of course I, being one of the little people, would have to pay tax on it.

Smug, fat, tax-dodging, hehum, sorry tax-reducing git!
Smug - now wonder! I spotted him with an absolutely stunning blond with long legs all the way up to her ARRSE some time back. He had three minders who were obviously very recently ex regulars as well.


Book Reviewer
Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose! Didn't we have central stationery ordering in the days of HMSO before they became Banner (1996?) Wasn't it supposed to be more efficient?
Thanks for the link to the "report". Seems a bit short on reasoned argument, analysis and proposed improvements other than those that have already been thought of such as centralised procurement and getting the best from the government estate. Sir Philip should perhaps have been directed to http:// before he started work. Personally I thought the maximum price for a London hotel room of £117 was quite creditable - I wonder if Sir Philip ever needs to use a London hotel room and if so how much he pays!
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