Green Howards take action

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by RCSignals, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. The Green Howards are heavily supporting the London Rally (9 April) to save the infantry Regiments.
    The MOD have closed or will be closing the official Green Howards website.
    They now have their own run by an ex Green Howard.

    You can support them by visiting their site and leave a message in their guest book.
  2. Huzzah!
  3. Apropos RCSignals comment........
    ""The MOD have closed or will be closing the official Green Howards website.""

    In case anybody is thinking MOD have got it in for The Green Howards, it is a blanket directive affecting all 'unofficial' Regular army websites, as the clip below indicates..... taken from their web site. (Note effective date - April fool or not??)

    ""There is an MOD Directive that as from 1 April 2005 all websites containing information relating to regiments of the British Army must be run on the MOD servers, and can only be accessed through the Army website, -

    The system that has been established by the MOD for such websites means that the overall system is maintained by MOD personnel, and changes to the websites running on their servers are effected through these personnel.

    What is NOT allowed are any websites which contain information relating to Army regiments which are run externally to the MOD system. The website,, is one such website which is no longer acceptable.

    We were hoping that some of the website could remain outside the MOD system, but it has recently been made clear to us that this cannot be allowed.

    As from 1st or 2nd April, therefore, this website is to be closed down. All information relating to the Green Howards will, from that date, only be obtainable through .........""""
  4. So if a website isn't owned by the MOD what will they do then? I know of a couple of sites bearing a regimental name, that isn't owned by the regiment in question.
  5. Closing down privately owned, financed and managed websites, particularly good quality ones like the Green Howards link above, is a bloody disgrace.

    MoD directive indeed. Are we living in a police state?

  6. "Speakers include:

    Shadow Defence Secretary - Nicholas Soames"

    Are we really that hell-bent of suicide? Surely a few older, more experienced, and less obviousley pompous speakers might carry more weight . Or at lease influence on the public?
  7. I suspect they'll be more speakers than just him
  8. I can't think of many people that carry more weight than Soames :lol:
  9. I'm sure there will, but having seen him speak on several occasions, I really think he will have a negative impact on the cause - it will lead to an impression of "old regiments = pompous old farts" in the view of the general public. IMHO.
  10. No. That would be a military state.
  11. Regimental Association websites are outside the control of MOD and consequently are more informative than official regimental sites, not having to toe the party line etc. Several regiments currently 'under the gun' are effectively using them to spread the good word.
  12. Has anyone tried to submit a website through the Army site? It is cumbersome and long winded. That said - no-one ever checks the websites anyway! Click on the ARMY WEBSITE and check deployments. Last updated 12 Oct 2004... NOW THAT'S CURRENT!!!!

    So glad to see that we are exploiting this cutting edge technology to its limits...
  13. MoD website?

    Bloody boring and uninformative!

    What a load of old cack!

    Who needs 'em?
  14. Even more irritating, click on "Middle East" and it's all about Operation Granby (and Operations Desert Shield, Storm and Sabre)

    Not a mention of Telic :evil: