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Green grants from gobment halved in gobment cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biped, May 12, 2008.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    So, there you have it folks.

    The gobment demands that we reduce our carbon footprint, and raises taxes (so-called 'Green Taxes') through the roof to make us pay for it, and what do we get?

    Gobment subsidies for home-owners wanting to install green technology like solar panels and such is halved; our so-called green waste is packed off by our local councils to landfills in China, and yet we still pay, travel by air costs more because of taxes, but the gobment doesn't spend the money on green policies, petrol and road tax has gone up to discourage non-PC driving habits, but the money disappears into gobment coffers that have nothing to do with the environment . . . . .

    Yet another tax scam, yet another rip-off.
  2. Which differs from what you might have expected from this bunch, in what respect?
  3. Green Grants halved?....

    My Maths isn't perfect but £7,500 - £2,500 is a lot less than half try 1/3 of original value.

    Still the point is we get screwed on any policeis they make and then try to enforce. Other European Countries (main members anyway) are continually increasing their green grants.

    Maybe the oil firms are lending some advice to politics... Cant have them not making record profits as people find other energy sources than oil and gas for the home
  4. The only interest this government has got in anything is howmuch tax they can suck out of it to pay themselves grandly or spunk u pthe wall on unneeded and/or badly thought out schemes.
  5. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer


    Very little surprises me about the government at the moment but what I didnt expect was a blatant own goal for the fatherless government.

    Such a reduction in grants will push back the use of renewable energy in the UK back a long way. Bearing in mind we use about 2% renewable energy and some European countires use 12%, we could do with getting in the Premier league but no.

    Even as a message to the populace, it is astoundingly arrogant and stupid.

    Outrageometer is in crtiical zone. I would start a civil disturbance but I would be arrested. (If I wore a kappa track suit and drank white lightning and said "innit " and Knowwotimeeen" a lot then I dont suspect that the police would ever turn up in my lifetime for causing a disturbance. )
  6. Meanwhile, in progressive countries like Germany, I think they've given out something like 100,000 grants for this sort of thing. And the French are well into it too. I would assume our lot are too in hock with energy firms to dare upset the apple cart with energy reduction.
  7. Well codbutt, does that make you a cynic or a realist
  8. Incidentally I am at present having solar hot water panels fitted and I am attempting to find out the who, what when and where I have to contact to get any grant, I appear to on a round about of "no try this dept" and always get back to the start
  9. It's all eco-bullshiite anway… Global Warming? Try Global Hysteria.
  10. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Indeed it is, but the point is, it's eco bullshiite for the sole purpose of stealing yet more money from the pockets of us voters.
  11. Oil_Slick wrote:
    It's all eco-bullshiite anway… Global Warming? Try Global Hysteria.

    Indeed it is, but the point is, it's eco bullshiite for the sole purpose of stealing yet more money from the pockets of us voters.

    er.....go tell it to the scientists guys!!!