Green Goddesses for sale

A military vehicles expert speaking on the BBC this morning said that the Green Goddesses were never designed to be used to fight fires. He claimed that they were intended to pump water from where it was to where it was needed and would be deployed one every half mile along the route that the water was to be pumped. Given their characteristics are not ideally suited to fighting fires this sounded plausible. Presumably post strike risk was that the water supply for a town with a significant surviving population could have been contaminated and the Green Goddesses would be deployed to pump water from an alternative uncontaminated source.
Originally the Fire Fighting tenders the Godesses would have supported were known as Bikinis (another 3 ton Bedford RL chassis variant). Technically they're not Mil vehs, they are allocated to the Dep Prime Minister's Office for civil defence tasks

I'l get me coat.............

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