Green Goddess

Slightly strange request here.

I have a mate who's just purchased a Green Goddess, as what he believes'll be a decent 10-20 year investment.

While he's got a fully battleworthy fire engine sitting in his yard (and I have to say, as a man that doesn't usually get excited by trucks or cars, I think it's a fcuking beaut), he's desperate to get his hands on any documentation (e.g. service manuals etc.) for the thing.

Any ideas where anything like this can be found?

Thanks in advance.

Might be worth trying the REME Museum, they hold a whole host of EMERs for virtually every army vehicle since WW2
I might be able to proff something along those lines. Probably a photocopy though.
REME Museum Archive Enquiry

That link give you the details for the REME Museum archive section. They dont publish past EMER's on the site, but do have an archive of them. Get you mate to drop them a line.


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