Green Fabric tape

As sad it may be, does anybody have the NSN for the issued green fabric tape??

My QM does not have any, but I figuered if I had the NSN for it he may be able to get hold of it. And if you think I'm paying for it from internet, think again!!

Or if anybody has a buckshee reel that they could throw my way?

I apprichiate that its the crimbo hols and not many people at all will be at work, as I'm not either.



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Only green tape I have ever seen has been proffed from the americans.


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Can get it for you, how urgent is it?
PiperWill said:

Is this it?

Know you said you didn't want to buy it. Maybe ask the shop for the NSN.

Yes thats the bad boy. Now you see why I didn't want to buy it!!!

Can get it for you, how urgent is it?

No major urgent just could do with some, no need to send a full reel (thats if you have that much)
PM me for contact details



sandmanfez said:

Only 450 shiney new pennies a roll here.

Only 10 meters on it. All the others are about 30 odd, not such a good deal after all. Unless that 55cm width isn't the typo it appears to be..

Kit Monster seem to be the cheapest.
Mate we have that much of it we used it on our comfy boxes coming back from iraq
I think its cheaper than harry black but as im not back at work till the 15th i cant help till then if you still need it pm me then


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You can get camo stretchy cloth tape from in the camouflage section. Good stuff and it doesn't leave any shite behind when you take it off after use.