Green Energy

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by 17THSEPTEMBER1944, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. The major benefit of renewables is you are not reliant on anyone else who cant use extortion or the threat of turning off the tap.

    i.e. Russian gas/oil and oil from any middle eastern country that funds our demise.
  2. The term renewable energy resources is somewhat misleading. Coal, oil and gas are renewable. It merely takes a few million years. Wind and sun however are not renewable. The wind is not used up, the airflow is slowed down by an almost immeasureable amount. The sun is definitely not renewable, it will "burn" for around another 4,500,000,000 years, not that that is cause for concern.
  3. What greenie trollage is this?

    Good luck when there's no wind, wantwit.

    Atomkraft? Ja, gern!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I use solar panels for outdoor events, they charge fob wet cells which one day will need to be changed and the old ones ditched in a stream somewhere!
  5. I agree Drlligaf energy is not renewable - it changes form.

    The greens also spout nonsense about carbon and halving one's carbon footprint, but seem to have forgotten about the carbon cycle (which appears not to be taught anymore) :roll:

    * Carbon is a basic building block of all known life on Earth. It is present in all known life forms. Without carbon, the basis for life would be impossible.

    * Carbon is the fourth most abundant chemical element (by mass) in the universe, after hydrogen, helium, and oxygen.

    * Carbon is abundant in the Sun, stars, comets, and in the atmospheres of most planets.

    * Carbon is the second most abundant element (by mass) in the human body (18.5%), after oxygen.

    * The amount of carbon on Earth is constant. It merely combines with other elements and moves from one reservoir to another.

    * Carbon has many industrial uses for its three forms; amorphous, diamond, and graphite. The amorphous form (coal) is used in power plants and is used in the iron industry to make steel. The diamond form is used as jewelry and is used as part of cutting tools. The graphite form is a great conductor and is used for pencils and sports equipment.

    * Carbon is a component of great rock masses in the form of carbonates of calcium (limestone), magnesium, and iron.

    * In combination with oxygen in carbon dioxide, carbon is found in the Earth’s atmosphere and dissolved in all water bodies.

    * When combined with hydrogen to form hydrocarbons, carbon is the basis for most of our energy sources, including coal, oil, petroleum, and natural gas.
  6. Okay then so it's not renewable, but the above still stands.
  7. And what has this to do with Current Affairs or are you spouting shite again?
  8. You can't have it both ways, coal oil and gas are renewed by the Sun the same as wind and solar it just they take much longer to renew and require specific geological conditions.
  9. Simple.
    Look back a short while.

    Read Russia turns off gas supply to Ukraine, threatening western europe's gas supply.
    OPEC oil cartel fixing prices.
  10. Wave energy?
  11. Slight problem there old bean. A lot of the "green" technologies rely on rare earth minerals. As China currently produce about 97% of the world supply, I hardly think we will be freed from reliance on other nations...
  12. That is just a truth used to swing the arguement by masking it in ignorance. Just like how current energy reaslisation is more efficient for things such as petrol engined cars but not on elecric cars, etc.

    Efficiency being measured in here and now cost alone, which in turn ignores the vast sums used in the R&D of current technologies, but not of the techniques being developed.

    As a nation we need to look at the whole picture and work it out holistically. Starting with building houses that don't suck up power and p1ss out heat. Electric ovens? get them gone and replaced with a primary fuel such as gas or wood. Same with heating should it be needed.

    Once we start reducing the consumption required at homes, then we can work outwards.

    There is absolutely NO need for us to be bringing in oil and leccy from foreign shores at the rate we do. We have more than enough resources of our own to harness, such as wind farms and even solar.

    Why do we require huge shopping complexes on the edge of towns that we have to drive miles to?
    Why do we need to live miles from where we work, so that a sprinkle of snow brings the nation to a standstill?
    Why allow cars in to city centres when electric trams/busses could easily operate park and ride schemes, in fact why are we not looking at reducing the dependancy on cars and trucks in full?

    It WILL require a change of our current systems of living and possibly even alter our way of life. But I don't see it being too much of a hardship.
  13. Dear wind/solar proponents: what happens when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine? Will you be volunteering to be the first in line to receive rolling blackouts? Don't answer that. It's like asking the population control people if they'll be volunteering to be first in line to remove themselves from the planet.
  14. Russia turned of the supply because the Ukranians weren't paying. If Russia does not sell gas to us then they will soon be in dire economic straits.

    If anyone really wants to see what socalled renewable/green energy means, then try this for size:
    David MacKay FRS: Sustainable Energy - without the hot air: Contents
  15. I think the plan is we build enough of them that short of the sun going out that will never be a problem - it's never dark or still during the day across the whole UK is it? Although I swear that these wind turbines all require some very rare metal indeed the mining of which is far from eco-friendly.

    EDIT: yep, someone else has already said that.