Green Energy in FOBs. Can you help?

Discussion in 'The Science Forum' started by Keen and Green, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Next month an Exercise is being run in South Wales to demonstrate different elements of Green Technologies within a FOB mock up. Industry have been asked to attend and 'show and tell'.

    Taken from the POWERFOB pdf
    "Although more efficient generators offer one possible solution, to minimise the dependence on regular resupplies of diesel, renewable technologies are of great interest. A systems approach will be adopted so whilst a single technology may not be the answer it may be possible to combine a number of different approaches in order to supply the power needed. These include but are not limited to:
    Generation from onsite resources such as waste
    Power storage solutions
    Hybrid solutions
    Efficient power distribution
    Any equipment submitted has to be capable of deployment to the battlefield. Equipment has to be robust, rugged, able to operate with minimal maintenance and supervision, easy to transport (from a small trailer up to a 20ft ISO container) and to deploy.
    What we are not interested in at this time:
    Wave or Tidal generation
    Technology requiring significant on-site construction resources ie large size fixed wind turbines"

    Knowing the knowledge base and wide in (and post) service employment types you all have i would like to offer you all an opportunity to add some input.
    Can you/your company offer something to show and tell or have friends that do, are you in a position to act as a Military Evaluator if still serving?

    This call has gone out through normal industary channels and will hopefully appear on the front page of your DII page soon.

    As you can imagine i can not give too many details openly but please PM me or ask questions on the thread and i will try and answer.
    Hopefully use of the collective grey matter you all have could lead to helping Soldiers on tour and possibly getting some UK grown techy stuff looked at by the guys with some money to throw at this.
    Hope it causes some debate and feedback.
    Keen and Green
  2. Never mind the FOB's, put a wind turbine next to each military installation in UK, takes it off the grid. Save the tax payer a fortune.
  3. FOBs in Afghanistan could easily use Solar to provide power, by obtaining 24v DC lighting (for example) we'd be able to insert a very simple system of power production.

    Pooing in to biodegradable bags (plastic or perhaps paper) and then putting them in to a fermentor could provide gas. According to my book 'self sufficiency guide' a human can poo a enough gas to boil 2 or 3 kettles a day. The resulting solid waste could be then given to the locals as fertiliser, or the FOB could have its own green house, reducing the amount of food was required to be brought in.

    Set up would be a drama, as you would be looking at quite a lot of kit being shipped in. But that would soon be balanced by the reduced fuel imports.

    A pukka furnace for burning rubbish would also allow us to collect heat for warming water. Perhaps the showers could have the solar heating pipes for day use, and then as day fades, we could fire up the 'sh1t pit boiler' to produce hot water through the night.

    I wonder if we could manufacture some sort of reverse heat sink system, where by the heating element was shoved in a big water collection, and the cooling elements were inside blowers. In UK this is reversed, with heat being drawn from the garden and pumped in to the house.

    Solar stills could be used to purify water, thus reducing our import bill on water.

    All of this could probably help but we are still going to need to bring in water and fuel to suppment these self-sufficiency methods.

    ANd let us not forget that this would absorb large amounts of real estate, on the FOB.

    There are lots of innovations in the 'Stirling Engine' world, mind that could perhaps utilise poo methane to both provide power AND heat using a CHP set up.
  4. K&G, can interested observer turn up just for a mosey? I'b quite interested in the exhibits and they could help for my occaisional forays in to teh environmentally sound courses from the OU/distance learning.
  5. A single turbine?
  6. Chocolate_Frog
    PM being sent
  7. Just out of interest who has organised the Exercise? are you looking for input as to the technology that could be realistically function within a FOB? Is the exercise going to be an open forum for SME's to put across realistic solutions?
  8. DE&S sponsored.
    If you have some technology, offer to bring it and show it off.
    If you have the ability as an SME offer to bring that and act as a Military Evaluator.

    I can send the pdf to ArmyNet/DII/ type emails.

    Hope that helps.
    PM if you want Weirdbeard/Wierdbeard
  9. Keen and green, PM sent
  10. Er,they only work when the wind blows,and even then there's no guarantee.

    You wanna see Millions being wasted,take a trip of Margate,or easier still,the Romney Marsh.

    Pick a reasonably windy day,see how many aren't working,pick a really windy day,and see if you can spot how many are working,a mega waste of space,and money.
  11. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The world has finally gone barking. Green issues in a war zone, I've heard it all now, the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.
  12. Some of it is pie in the sky, some of it isn't.
    Not particularly interested in the green element but anything that reduces the load on logistics might be useful.
  13. Well it is the 'green' zone :D

    From the OP

    The issue is to reduce the FOBs dependence on fuel that is brought in.
  14. You have got it in one. Less diesel drank in a FOB Genny = less CST runs, less VA/VP, less FP, less aviation assets. They don't run on fresh air either. (I'll check whether the figures are public domain before i throw them up but they are not pretty reading).

    So you see it really can be saving life and limb, not just some CO2.
  15. PMs replied to guys.
    Thank you.