Green contact gloves?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. My kit list for Battle Camp lists these as a requirement. I was only issued a pair of leather combat gloves. What are they supposed to be? :?
  2. ah right, I was just issued the leather ones. I do have a pair of those that I picked up in a surplus shop ages ago but they're a bit crap. Think I'll just take the issue ones..

    Thanks for the help. :)
  3. my experience with those is actually very good, wear the orange ones at work but doubt you'd get away with those. as a day to day wearer of them, I recommend you wear at least one size down from your normal size, if they don't fit really tight they sort of flap in the middle and get both uncomfortable and impractical.

    After a day rigging with them (they are better than riggers gloves... this is beyond my understanding), I am usually a little more sweaty than if I hadn't, but that worry is generally overwhelmed by the fact your hands smell absolutely terrible, and transfer that stench to anything else you touch - including food - which obviously travels close to your nose on the way in. So a wash / baby wipe may help you keep it down, it's a pretty rancid smell!
  4. In short, a load of rubbish that was as waterfroof as a sponge. Just stick with issue ones mate afterall if you need it it should be issued.
  5. Indeed, the 'It's what I got issued' excuse is a get out of jail free card.

    On the other hand, any fool can be uncomfortable and what coops pointed out are generally less likely to disintegrate than the issue ones.
  6. Only bit of kit i ever splashed out on is extra socks a canoe bag for my bergen and a NI Patrol pack. Issue gloves never had a problem with after i got used to them.

    Is that what you tell the young ones when they ask why you have a tub of KY in your beltkit?
  7. It depends if you got the older thinner ones or the newer thicker ones. With the newer, thicker ones; using the keypad on a Bowman set is not an option, unless you particularly want to press 3 keys at once. This is because they're designed to be warm. The gloves Coops is on about are designed for working wear not keeping you warm.

    The rubber ones give you all the same touch ability and add a little warmth, but exist primarily to keep your hands in good shape.

    Wow, that was original. I'd love to come up with an original answer but I think I've used them all already.
  8. well seeing as your ACF you dont need to worry about BOWMAN, and to be honest in an FFR half the time we didnt wear gloves. However on those little wrist pad doobries is a different matter, word is that they were ditched. Anyone know anything about this or is that meant to be kept shtum?

    There's nothing origional about being a dullard...good day
  9. Once again, the TA / regular applicant has got to know better, by reminding me that I'm in the ACF. Whoopee. *******. doo. Get off your high horse, oh wait, you haven't got one.

    I don't know if you'd noticed, but the OP isn't, and my comment wasn't giving myself advice was it? You ******* moronic twat.

    Additionally, I expected, seeing that you know more about the ACF THAN the ACF, that you'd know the ACF does operate a radio more akin to Bowman than Clansman, and being manufactured by the same people it does feature the same fiddly keypad.

    With EX_STAB being TA Infantry, I would doubt during the course of battle camp he's going to come into any contact with FFRs. I can't say I ever wore gloves in an FFR, but I don't see where it affects the OPs request for gloves for battle camp.
  10. Tell me you are not serious. Or that you aren't a rigger.
  11. He's a cadet rigger. :)
  12. I am a rigger, and I am serious.

    That said, we may be on about different types of riggers. I do lighting rigs for stages.
  13. Not elections then?