Green Colour Boot Polish

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by h2yoho, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys. Found your forum, whilst doing a Google on "Green Boot Polish".
    Got a m8 down under looking some. Can anyone help please.
  2. You'll find it in any good handy store, right next to the DPM paint.
  3. C_F,

    Don't confuse the lad. It's located the next aisle down from the tartan paint.
  4. Which aisle number would that be then? [​IMG]
  5. Isn't it SAS/SAS/RMP/PARA Green Boot polish? Try Ebay

    Not being pedantic, but Captain Mcllwraith and WO1SlashCunt said they'd kill me and make me call then "B.A.S.T.A.R.D" if I didn't get the order right this time.

    Oh, while your there, ask the shop assistant for a long weight and some sky hooks.

    As an aside to the original post.......Wah?
  6. Would that be "green" the colour, or "green" einviromentally friendly?

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  7. Should be easy enough to get down under.

    Otherwise, anywhere that specialises in Doc Martens should carry it.
  9. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

  10. The Chief Clerk has some.

    On the way back, can you grab me a 252 for the battery bay please?

  11. And ask the LAD what the tyre pressures for an FV432 are?

    (That actually worked once! Spent the day in hiding afterwards... :twisted: )
  12. Normally it's two aisles back from the Glass Hammers in Homebase.
  13. Lads Aussies wear green leather comabt boots.
  14. Could you take this hammer to the guard room for the fire rover, please.

    Oh, before you go could you give this note to the pay master, he needs it asap. And I need an answer too so wait till he has read it.