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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Pooh_Bear, Nov 12, 2005.

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  1. I took out a new motor policy last month. I am in Belgium, so I need a Green Card. When I renewed previous NAAFI Financial policies, the green card came automatically with the certificate and other documents. Now Close Brothers say that they don't issue green cards, but I can collect one from my local NAAFI Financial branch. Long way from Brussels to JHQ! So, now I have one long-standing NAAFI Financial Norwich Union policy which sends me a green card automatically on renewal, and one where I am still without a green card a month after taking out the policy. This means an unregistered car for one month. What a farrse!

    Is there a number that I can contact Close Brothers on where I can speak to someone over the age of 17 who might understand this issue?
  2. This forum sponsored by NAAFI Financial? But no comment on a thread which identifies a clear problem with the NAAFI Financial product? Is this telling me something? I soooooo wish I could find another UK company who is prepared to issue a Green Card for Belgium. The farrse continues!
  3. The best way to get a response from NAAFI Financial is to send a pm. I did this a couple of weeks ago after their call centre told me they didn't do car insurance for NI! I sent a pm at 1300, had a pm response the same afternoon, and a telephone call from a manager the next morning with an explanation and a quote.
  4. Errrr... Hi guys, when I left the Army I was a director of an insurance company for 4 years. My wench is an motor insurance underwriter.

    Simply stated you do not need a green card in the EU countries. You must however carry your insurance documents with you (the whole lot, book or terms and conditions, proof of payment, etc). Your insurance must by law automatically cover you in the EU. Many Brit companies being a bunch of rip-off merchants they limit the EU cover to 90 days per year in maximum 30 day chunks. Check your policy to ensure that it gives you full EU cover (you need to do this even if the registered address is in the EU).

    So how does this help you if you live in the EU? You should provide your insurer with a letter informing them that you are in Europe permenantly as part UK forces (but cannot register your vehicle locally) and need a Green Card to make life easier (as it is recognised by all police and customs). Unless the Army want to see it for some obscure reason then you do not need a Green Card.
  5. Wrong. Not just a little bit wrong. Completely wrong.

    British Forces personnel in Belgium working at SHAPE or the International Military Staff register their vehicles through the SHAPE Vehicle Registration Office. The VRO will accept nothing less than a Green Card or a Belgian policy. Visitors to Belgium do not need a Green Card. If you are temporarily resident in Belgium, as HM Forces at SHAPE or the IMS you either use a Belgian insurance company, or you provide a Green Card.

    No buts, no excuses. Provide a Green Card or they do not register the vehicle!
  6. Pooh: Dread is correct. Legally a Green Card is no longer required within the EU. It is the petty bureaucrats of the BFGVLO who insist upon it.

    My first tour in Germany was in 1982 - even though it was a manual system it was possible to visit the BFGVLO offices and get your car registered the same day. Now, as the number of entitled people and vehicles gets smaller, and the technology gets better, BFGVLO are harder and more secretive than ever to deal with and the rules have become ever more complicated.

    I had the same experience over green cards more than 2 years ago - a letter from the insurer explaining why they no longer provided green cards cut no ice, so eventually the insurers provided one. Writing to BFGVLO to ask why they hadn't caught up with EU law produced a 'because we say so' response from the pallid civil servant who runs it.
  7. Guys I think you will find that Naafi will be keen to post a response and help if they can when they read this thread. I am sure you will understand that they cannot spend huge amounts of time on arrse, like the rest of us. Please be patient.
  8. Pooh Bear

    Like other correspondents on the Forum we have been advised by the authorities that Green Cards are no longer required within the EU.

    However, we don't want you to be further inconvenienced so please either call the NAAFI Financial branch in JHQ on 0049 2161 955160 or +44 1722 342648, with your policy details and we will arrange for a Green Card to be sent to your address.

    Sorry for the delay in our response Pooh, but call us and we will sort this out for you immediately. In the meantime we will look again at the situaion in Begium.

    NAAFI Financial is a trading style of Close Brothers Military Services Limited in the UK and NAAFI in Germany and Cyprus. Both companies are appointed representative for general insurance only, of Close Brothers Limited. Close Brothers Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Close Brothers Military Services Limited is registered in England No. 3302028.
  9. Dread & Virobono:

    I know that you are trying to offer sound advice, and I appreciate that. Nevertheless, the situation for British military personnel in Belgium is unique. Brussels may be the host to the organisation which decides European legislation , but please remember that Belgium is one of the slowest countries in Europe to adopt that legislation. The SHAPE VRO has no association with the BFG VLO, does not apply the same rules, and frankly doesn't care about EU regulations or any agreements that the BFG VLO may have struck with NAAFI.

    Green Cards are required to register your vehicle wth the SHAPE VRO. No ifs, no buts, no excuses. No Green Card - no registration document. Simple as that.

    Forces Sweetheart: Do you work for NAAFI? As a moderator, I would have thought that you would expect the sponsor of this forum to take an active interest. A few minutes every day to check posts and acknowledge issues which concern their organisation is not asking a lot. What does the banner say?

    "A bit of honesty and advice in the murky world of pensions, loans, credit cards, banking, the stockmarket, house prices, insurance, and piggy banks."

    NAAFI: Thank you for the post. Thank you for acknowledging the delayed response. Thank you for offering to review the situation in Belgium. That was the purpose of staring this thread, and I have succeeded if you are now able to deal with an issue that you were not aware of before. You do need to speak to Norwich Union, and to Rubicon as a matter of urgency.

    All: I remind you of the simple facts. Insurance renewed mid-October. Still no Green Card, therefore still no registration document.

    There are many of us wearing the uniform in Belgium who need this sorted out. 24 km a day by bike in Brussels traffic is wearing a bit thin - as are my cycling shorts. Check out MY arrse!
  10. Pooh Bear

    No I don't work for the sponsor and I don't care for your comment. As someone who gives their time to see fair play on the site, I thought it appropriate to ask you to be patient until Naafi could respond, nothing more. I didn't seek to defend them or make excuses, merely asked you to be patient.

    I am sure if Naafi spent too much time on here, they would be open to accusations that they were not spending enough time running their business and doing a better job for their customers. As sponsors they do take an active interest, not least by helping to keep the site running and they are quite capable of dealing with the difficult issues that come their way from arrse users, as they have proved time and time again.

    As to the banner, this is the COs' description of this board and not part of Naafi's slogan, which has it's own branding.

    You asked for help or advice and you got it within a few days. I think arrse has done everything it can for you.
  11. ...and if you are still unhappy see my earlier post and drop the directors a line at home - all of them - and just watch how quickly they'll respond. Works every time!

  12. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

  13. I was told back in the 70´s you don´t need a Green Card,....there I was ...gone.....,off to snowy Austria.Welcome to Austria,Green Card please!Don´t need one,100 schillings please,thank you ,enjoy your stay in Austria!

    Even today,you still need a Green card,contrary to what the experts say,If you have an accident and don´t have one,you´re goosed,especially south of germany;It´s an age old trick to get money off unsuspecting tourists.

    A lot of squadies and RAF go south in winter,Garmisch etc,the border is only a few miles away,yes,its open, but the gendarmerie, as the Austrians call the robbing sods still love passing out a couple of fines.

    I know I got blitzed,two days ago, in Scharnitz,at 02.30 in the morning,I´m looking at about 160 euros!(100 quid!)

    There´s a lot of snow and ice here already,please don´t forget the M+S or wintertyres,


    I´ve got M+S tyres,and Allwheel Drive,its the tyres that make the big difference,not the AWD. 8O
  14. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    From NAAFI Financial:

    Following investigations we have arranged for all customers taking out a car insurance policy with NAAFI Financial whilst based in Belgium to be automatically sent a Green Card.

    Officially this is not a requirement within the EU, but we appreciate the difficulties encountered by our customers registering with SHAPE VRO, and have done what we can to alleviate any inconvenience in the future.


    NAAFI Financial is a trading style of Close Brothers Military Services Limited in the UK and NAAFI in Germany and Cyprus. Both companies are appointed representative for general insurance only, of Close Brothers Limited. Close Brothers Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Close Brothers Military Services Limited is registered in England No. 3302028.