Green cammies in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by winnfield, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Any chance the British may do the same? There's certainly enough green vegetation to make the change (the ANA use greens).

    Brit DPM however is unsuitable and cost of reconversion given current crcumstance, means that it probably won't happen.

  2. The new yank stuff is actually pretty good. But for a whole variety of reasons we will never of course use that.
  3. Don't be shy, just say "Gordy won't give the money"
  4. We wore greens in Kabul in 2002
  5. Seconded - seems to work really well in almost any environment.
  6. IIRC we are not allowed to use the same cam as other NATO members.
  7. Multicam? If so, I found this page a while ago - clicky it looks amazing to me. :p
  8. Multicam? this is a wha !
    Multicam is the numero uno choice for obese Airsofters.
    The yank army uses ACU and the Marines use either Arid or Woodland MARPAT.
  9. The dutch cam is pretty much the same as ours as is the Kiwi stuff, the Kiwi desert combats are the same I believe.
  10. Green cams were worn in Iraq on T3 and T7 for night patrols, if they suit some areas of the Stan in day, why not wear them?
  11. I thought they were going to use Multicam though? (unless it was made specifically for airsofters :p)

    ACU looks **** though.