Green Berets in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jack-daniels, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Tomorrow night (16th Jan) at 2100 on the National Geographic channel there's a programme following the US Green Berets in Afghanistan, it's had a couple of good write ups but sadly John J Rambo is not featured!

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  2. The movie will be in theatres on January 25 (or 28, I don't remember).
  3. Naw mate, this is a pukka documentary, not Sly's version!
  4. Was it on the BBC previously?
  5. Just found this blurb on the programme

    I have to sign in etc to find schedule (can't be arssed!!)

    While news accounts report on plentiful air drops of food for the Afghan people, the realities of getting that aid to where it`s needed most are far different. Join a group of ex-Green Berets and a seasoned aid worker as they are challenged by weather, war and red tape in their struggle to deliver more than empty promises to starving people. We follow NG Producer Gary Scurka.
  6. 22nd February
  7. They had a massive artical about this in Nuts.
  8. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Its followed by the 2000 SAS rescue mission in Sierra Leone too. Is that worth watching?
  9. Yeh i've seen that before. Was alright if i remember right. It certainly beats the usual wednesday night tv!
  10. We get it before you, January 25 (I saw the ad again). Looks like he's getting a flamethrower this time, in addition to his usual bow and knife.
  11. Back on again tonight if you missed it - Quite good watched last week

    Sunday 20th Jan at 2200 on the National Geographic channel there's a programme following the US Green Berets in Afghanistan,

    It's had a couple of good write ups...
  12. If I remember correctly its the Special Forces Reserve, their version of 21 / 23 SAS, good programme its also posted in its entirity on youtube
  13. Sounds like its the same one I saw on the BBC. The contrast between their military life and civillian life is brought out quite well as I recall.