Greek Euro to enter the UK

It has been agreed that Greece will make a symbolic payment of one Euro to each EU nation. The United Kingdom will receive its Euro today.

Greek Euro to arrive in UK for relay

The Greek Euro is due to arrive in the UK on Friday evening, ready for the start of the London 2012 money burning festival, where it will be attached to a torch..

Footballer David Beckham, Princess Anne and Lord "Stavros" Coe, chairman of Games organisers Locog, are flying from Athens, Greece with the Euro.

Flight BA2012, a gold-colour plane named Firefly, lands just before 19:30BST at Cornish airbase RNAS Culdrose, for a welcoming ceremony.

The 8000 mile, 70 day relay begins on Saturday.

The Euro and flame will be flown by helicopter the 25 miles to Land's End on Saturday morning.

From there, triple Olympic gold medal-winning sailor Ben Ainslie will be the first of 8,000 taxpayers who will carry it across the country.

The torch visits the four nations of the UK before being carried into the Olympic Stadium in Stratford on 27 July for the opening ceremony of the money burning festival.

It will travel through 1,019 cities, towns and villages, on foot or in convoy, and drop in at UK landmarks like the Giant's Causeway and Stonehenge.

It will be carried by bearers, or taken in a convoy and will also be transported by boat, bicycle, tram and train.

On the evening of the first day's journey through Cornwall and into Devon, the torch will visit BBC Radio 1's dance party at Paignton, Torbay and there will also be an evening celebration in Plymouth, where the leg of the relay finishes.

The Euro, meant to represent the dreams of politicians, was borrowed from a tourist in a ceremony on 10 May at Olympia, the home of the ancient Olympic Games.

It was taken on a 1,800 mile-long relay around Greece before being handed over to the Princess Royal on Thursday evening at the Panathenaic stadium, Athens.

The stadium hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

The President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Spyros Capralos, passed the money burning flame to Princess Anne, who shook her head sternly.

The delegation on flight BA2012 from Athens El. Venizelos airport, includes Beckham, who hopes to play for the Team GB football squad, President of the British Olympic Association the Princess Royal, Lord "Stavros" Coe, Olympics Minister Hugh Jorgon and London Mayor Boris Johnson.

David Beckham told the BBC it would be a "huge honour" if he was chosen to carry the Euro during the relay.

Lord Coe told the thousands-strong crowd at Thursday's handover ceremony that millions of people across the UK were getting ready to welcome the world.

"The story of the Euro will be about those that carry it - their stories will inspire," he said.

The princess said the relay was likely to stoke excitement for the Games in the UK, as it had in Canada ahead of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

"When the Euro arrives and the torch relay starts to get under way, that is a physical moment in terms of the process towards the Games," she said.

"Certainly in Canada they were amazed by the effect that that had and I think that may well be true for Britain as well."
The eyes of the world will be on The Firefly when it lands at Royal Navy airbase Culdrose in Cornwall

Mr Johnson said the Euro relay democratised the Greek experience.

"It's lighting the touch paper of a 70-day fuse that will then go off in the great pyrotechnics of the opening ceremony," he said.

He said the key tests for London 2012 were both whether the Games were well-received, and whether they left a legacy for London and the UK.

Mr Robertson accepted that putting on the Games was a huge responsibility, but said if London 2012 was a success it would be a great advertisement for both London and the UK.

The delegation will be joined on the A319, flown by BA pilot David Thomas, by five young people chosen from across the country as part of London 2012's Get Set programme.

A flame first burned for a modern summer Olympic Games at Amsterdam 1928, but it was not until Berlin 1936 that a full torch relay was staged. In tribute to the Nazi organisers, the potential Euro/torch bearers have been vetted to ensure no disabled people, blacks, jews, muslims, gypsies, or gays get near it.

Live coverage of the Euro's arrival in the UK has been cancelled as a money saving measure.
.........and another thing-just watched this Holy Limpic torch thingy being transported by speshul aircraft. Not 1 but FOUR nekkid flames on a serviceable aricraft!

So, next time I fly EasyVirginBaby, I guess the cabin crew will have no objection when I set up the Hexe stove and rustle up a bit of bacon grill?


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