Greek Debt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FrankMac, Feb 16, 2012.

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  1. There's an article about the ongoing debt problem in Greece in todays Daily Mail and in the comments someone has written - "If the Greeks had a sense of humour they, as a sovereign nation, would apply to join the United States of America... then they would sit back, relax, and enjoy seeing what happened as the EU tried to sort out what that would mean.
    Go on, Greece... Do it! Just for fun"

    I'm a bit of a thick twat where things like this are concerned, so is it bollocks or could they do that?

    Just asking like
  2. Wake up Frank. The bubbles couldn`t apply for membership of the Womens Institute without the rest of the members laughing their tits off.
  3. Last year Greece applied to join the African Union and were rejected.
  4. Greece would be paying back their bailout money in Euros, while their currency would be US Dollars.

    The Greeks would then being exporting Olive Oil and Goat's Cheese to Europe in return for Euros and then have to convert it to dollars to pay their own farmers and shepherds.

    In the long term, the best that Greece can do is to declare sovereign bankruptcy, drop the Euro, have an almost worthless new currency and wait for the sunseeking Brits and Germans to arrive on dirt cheap holidays to bolster their coffers.

    In 1998, the Russians defaulted on their own debt, stopped making payments on debts they held with other countries and slashed the value of the Ruble. They got themselves out of an epic financial mess by having oil and gas to sell.

    Greece has sunshine, agriculture and Ouzo to get it back on its feet. They will probably have to use horses and carts to transfer people between the airport and the hotel, but at least they'll have something to sell to the French once the horse is ready for the knackers yard.
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  5. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke On ROPs Book Reviewer

    Greek politicians doing something sensible? Your 'avin a larf. That is exactly what they should do. Me and thousands of others have started going to Turkey since Greece joined the Euro because in Greece now, you are paying London prices. Problem is the 1% who run the show love the Euro and the German dole. They never have paid taxes so they rely on German workers to do it for them.
  6. I wouldn't trust any politician to do something sensible and for the good of anyone else.

    I'm waiting for the Greeks to turn on their "elected representatives" and drown the arrogant, thieving, gang of plutocrats currently taxing and pickpocketing everyone's wallets.
  7. You've spent a decade talking to Europeans? Blimey.

    What you might end up with is the two-tier system, like you have in my beloved Venezia.

    Your local Bubble / Gondola chappie pops in for a glass of retsina and a kebab (no stereotyping here) and gets charged £3. Then the panama hat-clad Brit turns up for same said delights and gets charged £10.50.

    It seems symbolic of the whole Greek/Italian attitude to being in the Eurozone.