Greek Cypriots needs to start getting real

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by semper, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. yet another dummy spat out by the Greek Cypriots

    bully boy tactics is not going to reassure the Turks, It not just the Greeks who have suffered loses, since 1974 there has been no interethnic violence and killings, before there was many, sepration and federation is the only way IMO.

    I have been to Cyprus and they are alway pushing thier "Victimhood" down our throats when we just wanted to see the scenery, its quite tiring hearing their propaganda time again and again, they could not see that they were in the wrong too and got their arses kicked, they couldn't get over that.

    they need to grow up
  2. Last time I was out there the Turks were displaying a sign on a hill by the border that read "Last time you ran, next time you swim"
  3. Better coffee on the Turkish side too especially at the carpet shop!
  4. They only have one carpet shop?
  5. Not absolutely true- some (even some of the original perpetrators) can see clearly their past errors. and have expressed regret.
  6. you will never make a greek (cyp) love a turk..........never :)
  7. true same as for the Turks.
    The Greek Govt line is however different and they keep spinning the same record, so it would be difficult to convince the Turks to live under Greek rule and not expect to be attacked.
  8. Nicky Sampson, with the Greek Cypriot National Guard and the backing of the Junta in Greece, tried to seize power and make Cyprus a Greek territory, taking away its republic status. There was no way the Turks would have that, but everyone thought that NATO, UK et al would let them get away with it. Once the Turks landed their troops it was a different ball game.

    Like the first poster, I am frankly fed up of the one-sided publicity the Greeks get on the issue over Northern Cyprus. The hatred between Greek and Turk is endemic, but at least in Cyprus prior to EOKA in the 50's the communities lived together much the same as Palestine, Lebanon, Yugoslavia etc.

    Another downside of the appeal of Nationalistic ideals - it's always the poor ordinary guy in the street who ends up a homeless refugee when the dust settles. Hardly any publicity is gi to the Turks driven from their homes in the South and their properties given in compensation to Greek families from the North. Add to that the anti-Islam faction in Germany,France etc against Turkey's entry to the EU despite them being NATO partners and a stabilising factor in the region and you've got a recipe for disaster in the future if the govt changes and decides to lean toward their Islamic neighbours. :roll:
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Spent quite some time there in the 80's on UN tours and as a civvy on holiday. Became good friends with an Turkish ex-Major who was married to an English school teacher and lives on the north coast. He gave me a very candid and suprisingly neutral insight into the whole issue. This open viewpoint was also shared by most I meet (mainly serving Turkish naval officers and professional people).
    Assuming that these guys 20 years later are probably the types that are in postions of influence, I was not suprised to hear the positive signals coming from the north regarding discussing a unification arrangement. The Turks know and have proven they can use force effectively and even show some restraint, the Greek Cypriot military is the most sh1t army I ever came into contact with so its not difficult. It seems to me like the Greeks are the ones who are not flexible, continuously and historically - they have never looked for a negotiated middle ground settlement. They also behave like kids who started then lost a school fight then try and get their dad to intervene. Tossers. The irony has always been watching Greeks selling electricity to the north and exploiting the internationally immune banking in the north. Then on the other hand moaning that they should be given "their" island back. Daddy, daddy help me.

    Careful readers may have noted that my former official neutrality has been replaced by the firm view that the George Michael lookalikes are just a bunch of childish moaning tossers and troublemakers.
  10. I have no problem when visiting as tourist. I let it drop that I was there during EOKA and therefore know the Greek side of things very well. Hear a pin drop anyone?
  11. I spent 2 years there and concur with thr first post. Most of the books on the subject are written by Greel Cypriots or their sympathisres and a recurring theme is that EVERYTHING is someone else's fault. be it the British, the Turks, the Americans or whatever.

    We came across a village called Vretsia that was absoutely miles from anywhere and completely abandoned, part from a very new and very bizarre cafe. I did a bit of research and it transopired that the village was a Turkish one surrounded by Greeks. They weren't ethnically cleansed, as such but according to the Greek Cypriot government they left of their own accord in 1975. This, of course, had nothing whatever to do with being surrounded by Greeks and the small matter of the government turning the power and water supply off. So while the Greeks certainly sufferde their losses, so did the Turks.

    On another note, I met an interesting old Greek taxi driver. Speaking of EOKA and the enosis campaign, he said "I told them - when the British go, the Turks will come". Not far off was he, even if it did take them 14 years.
  12. I've lived in Cyprus for the last four years (as a civvie) and have never once had the issue rammed down my throat and I live in a Greek Cyp village. For that matter to be truthful it is hardly ever discussed and if it is its usually done so with some embarressment.

    I have experienced nothing more than down right hospitaltiy from both the Greek Cyps and the Turks and to be honest the whole atmosphere is safer and more friendly than I ever experienced in the UK.

    At the end of the day its their country let them decide what to do. The British Government interferred in the 60's and in 74 and fecked it up. We have no right to interfere. The last referendum voted a resounding no for reunification then so be it......
  13. Some further reading if anyone is interested in the subject;

    Keeping the Peace During the cyprus crisis - The Brit View Keeping the Peace During the Cyprus Crisis

    The Cyprus conspiracy - well reasearched and subsequently been proven to be accurate with the release of recent govenment documents

    The Cyprus Conspiracy

    Echos from the dead zone - very well balanced account of a Pro Turkish Greek who lived in Turkey and the TRNC Echoes from the dead zone

    Bitter Lemons of Cyprus - a more poetic stance and a time before the troubles. Bitter Lemons of Cyprus

    Reading them all will give a very very balanced view......