Greek and Turkish planes collide

Greek and Turkish F-14 jets have crashed into the southern Aegean Sea after colliding in mid-air.
The collision, near Karpathos island, occurred after Greece scrambled a jet to intercept the Turkish aircraft, a Greek government official said.
Turkish television says the Turkish pilot had ejected safely, but there is no official word on the pilots' fate. A search and rescue is under way.
The two countries have a long-standing dispute over the Aegean.
Turkey insists Greek airspace extends only 10km offshore, not 16km as Greece maintains.
In the past, the two have come close to armed conflict over the dispute.
Nato has previously warned the two member states that their frequent mock dogfights in the area are dangerous.

F14???? thats wrong, plobly means F4s or F5s, any aviation type know what these two very friendy and jovial neighbours fly as they wave to each other with big smiles as they twiddle their handlebar mustaches??
F-16's surely?
Greek F16 and Turkish F4.



Initial reports suggest a Greek F16 and possibly an F4. Both use F16s and both play 'chicken' with each other quite often.


I hope whoever took the photos above did not end up in jail??

Remember the Plane spotters.
So, no gyros from papa joe's tonight.... bummer, will have to be a kebab!
Both use F16's and both have used F4's, I think the Greeks retired theirs but the Turks updated some of theirs with Israeli help. Neither has ever used F14's. Fact that only 'pilots' are mentioned would suggest F16's.
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