Greedy Cow

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hurrahfortheRE, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. She has learning difficulties yet grasps the principle of the European Convention on Human Rights? Looks like someone is steering her, no win no fee per chance?
  2. A quick "fail to stop " hit and run should save a fortune of tax payers money.

    Splat the money grabbing bitch, problem solved.

    Medman out.
  3. Simple have her checked over my a Doc, if she is diffy a hymen then obiously she's not that devout and is not entilted to the pay out!
  4. Everyone knows that some people have real grounds to take other parties to court and deserve any award made to them. This is not one of them. Even worse is that these blood sucking 'no win, no fee', 'ambulance chasing', so called lawyers reduce the credibility for the genuine claimants.

    There should be a system of judges that vet all such claims, rejecting any that contain the words "suffered anxiety", "breached the European Convention on Human Rights", "needs were not properly met" or that are against anyone who was trying to help the claimant to the best of their ability.

    I don't know about "Greedy Cow" but she is a spiteful, ungrateful bitch.
  5. She should be sent to Saudi or japan as a sex slave..that'll teach her!!
  6. I didn't think that would have stood as a title, hence I toned it down from the hatred I feel for her and compassion for the people who, against all odds gave her a gome and the chance at education, I know Alness the place in question and it is a wee bit of a junkie haven so she obviously got steered away from that by her foster parents or needs more money for her habit.
  7. Hmmmmmm

    a girl, an English girl, an english roman catholic girl stuck in a Scottish protestant environment? In my experience (a familial one, albeit a protestant boy in a Roman Catholic school) this is a recipe for disaster. No shortage of bullying there.

    As to learning disabilities - there are difficulties which do not mean that the intelligence of the child is damaged, dyslexia for instance or certain types of behavioural difficulties.

    I'm not saying that she necessarilly has a case, but I'm not saying she doesn't - just imagine uprooting some 7 year old and sticking her in the middle of the Shankhill
  8. if she's got learning difficulties AND problems with spelling/writing, how did she sign the paperwork? in purple crayon?

  9. I spent a good few years working in the care system back in the 90's. The Looked after Children ( LAC) documents covered all bases on cultural, ethnic and religious needs of the child. These documents were completed with the child present and relied on their input dependant on what we called at the time Gillick competency. So if she failed to state her need for a specific religious education system it's down to her. As I always used to tell the kids " if you don't tell us what need you get what your given".

    I can't speak for this individual case but in my experience the refusal to attend school was considered a learning disability. I met so many kids in the foster/residential care system who were all to aware of their rights but had no interest in the responsibilities that under pin them. All children have a right to an education and it is the parents responsibility to ensure that the child attends school and can ultimately face a prison sentence if they fail to do so. Within the foster/residential care system the responsibility rests with the child and there is no legal requirement for the Local Authority to ensure that the child attends formal education.

    A child in care has their placement regularly reviewed, has access to a complaints facility of which they are constantly made aware and have 24hr access to a social worker so if she had a problem at the time why didn't she open her gob. I suspect that she didn't realize she had suffered under the system until she was told she had and that she may be entitled to compensation. She should consider herself lucky that she got a foster placement and didn't end up in a care home.
  10. Sorry Sven, this is nothing like the little ditty's you state.

    She was put into these homes, and the people accepted her and clearlty tried to help her. Unfortunately she is showing a total unwillingness to accept that she is a maggot on soceity and she should leap off a very high cliff as soon as is possible to save you and I tax money that would be better put to use in helping the Aged, helping the nurses and helping the Soldiers.

    Ungrateful little Tink bitch.
  11. Fortunately there are very clear cut laws concerning this sort of behaviour.

    Not wishing to judge but the scrounging, back stabbing bitch is just trying it on and I hope she comes unstuck.

    Or should that be stuck?
  12. Tin foil time?
    If this girl wins "her" case will it force a re-think of the government ruling that forces religious adoption organisations etc. to consider placing children with single sex partners?
  13. Tut tut, given your line of study you should know that a hymen may be damaged by a tampon or a finger, and sometimes are not noticibly present at all....ahem.

    Not sure about suing because the foster parents weren't Catholic. You can't sue your natural parents for it. If they restricted the practice of her religion it might be a different story, but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  14. This sounds more like dyspraxia, however if she was diagnosed with this disability, she would have been given a SSEN (Statement of Special Educational Needs), and would have received support.

    That she states that she was not given support suggests that she was not diagnosed, and poor handwriting and spelling is down to her lack of education - it might well be debatable as to whether it is down to her inattention in classes or poor teaching.

    It would seem more reasonable that her depression and anxiety would be attributable to her upbringing by her parents (who took her to Scotland) rather than the school.

    The article does not say why she was taken into care. Was it bad parenting or was she unmanageable? Either way it would not be the fault of the school.

    Sounds like a self diagnosis to me, and therefore no credence should be given to it - she claims that she is being treated by the doctor, but it woud seem that said doctor has not diagnosed the ailments she claims she is suffering from.

    ...might well be due to her poor educational standard and inability to string a few words together to form a coherent sentence?