Greedy children in need

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. Stop giving them money!

    Whats the point in making the lives of broken children more bearable and enjoyable, they can't thankyou for it they are spaz's.

    All the others from estates and borstals are no hopers, non-contributing wastes of skin who'd be better OD-ing on a cocktail of welfare drugs.

    Sack Terry Wogans do gooding campaign....... there was a slug of flesh called Isaac on earlier, all the family were playing with it....... it was fcuked, bong eyes and a beach ball head... why not send them a new plug for the bath (the crap kid ate the other) and drown it, its never going to do anything other than waste its mothers time and cost us money, all in return for seeing a disfigured eyesore roll itself around the park

    Without money they all die and money raised can go on a worthy cause.... such as stalls for getting sucked off in the street and facilities for drilling holes in other peoples pets.
  2. I too am sick of these wobbly headed dribbling freeloaders, gurning onto our screens with there incoherent slobbering ....

    They should be forcibly removed from their parents and used as tow targets for the navy... or mudflaps for Artic lorries, although they are supposed to stop spray, so i dont think that will work as the average child mong can produce its own bodyweight in slavver every 5 minutes.

    This money should be redirected into proper help organisations, like the Royal society for putting shampoo into restrained bonobo's eyeballs, or the league for dwarf motorbike jousting...

    Lets make it happen!!!
  3. Just a waste of time and money.....£33m last year.... why not give the money to scientists..... Encourage them to build a 34ft melon head.... let it run up and down the runway at airshows while visiting air forces drop munitions on it from varying heights.

    The only thing half the children on there are in need of it a fcukign a bath and a good hiding.
  4. Maybe they could strap them all to little bikes to create electricity! Excellent for global warming. Make them earn their
  5. I had hundreds of ideas like this for schemes to help get disabled kids into work, i took them to show my MP....

    It took me 7 hours to get out of the police station... narrow minded bigots.
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I agree and disagree.

    Some children have a genuine need for help and medical care that falls outside what their parents can afford, and these kids deserve the benefits that Children In Need provides.

    On the flip side, some kids are born to inbred council-estate rats and deserve nothing less than to be rounded up along with their no-chinned, tracksuit-wearing, car-stealing, benefit-scrounging, shoplifting, waste-of-oxygen parents and burned at the stake - the stake located in the centre of all their houses.
  7. Jayne, you are new so can be forgiven.

    Just to drag the thread off topic for a moment........... If you ever type 'lol' or use text speak in the NAAFI bar I will arrange for a Samoan full back to amputate your cnut and sew you in a pig skin before hurling you through a plate glass window.

    Ya dig?

    Backl on topic.... Why not raffle off a broken kid to the peados... they will pay good money for a do on one of them fcuktards in the audience

    Its free to drown them?
  8. MOD edit.....

  9. Fantaka idea senor...

    Or use the smaller ones instead of clay pigeons, just clingfilm their wobbly arms and built up shoes in tight for aided aerodynamics.

    or pile them up instead of tyres around race tracks

    the possibilities are endless.... I may have to revisit the hunting lodge idea aswell.... nothing less than a 12 bore will take down a fully badged charging mong in full sprint.
  10. True....... I tried to fell one with a clothes prop striaght between the shoulder blades...... my mum and aunty had to rescue me otherwise I would have been drooled on and fisted to death by a rubber underpanted 18 stone flowery frock wearer.
  11. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    As long as I can tie my dog to the breeze block as well, every dog i hang ends up in the fcuking newspapers.
  12. Anyone in Wales get the Colwyn Bay coverage? In the kiddies' Madness cover, there was a proper 100% mong, I'm talking stereotypical here.
    Best of all, it was on stage in front of thousands of people, and was looking the wrong way :D

    Trying to find piccies, but expect they will emerge later.
  13. Anyone see the mongs complaining about being bullied on the BBC news this morning?
    Surely that is their only useful role in life? To take the heat off normal kids. Plus they get to sit down all day in their comfy fcuking wheelchairs, ungrateful tw@ts.
  14. Plus, they get all the benefits. One of the in-show adverts involved a helper dog (think Cuddles' avatar) that undressed you, turned on lights/TV etc.

    Now if I could only teach it to make a decent brew and write lecture notes, I'd never have to move again :D
  15. I only saw a small clip on the tv before the same ol Children in Need farce, about teenage mums getting all the support they need to live!?!!
    Nothing like giving money to teenage slappers who can't keep their legs closed. Lets house them feed them and anything else they desire just because they pulled the get out of working free card.
    Little slags.